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Southern Utah is known for its amazing scenery and weather. Our red rock vistas are just the start of what Southern Utah has to offer for amazing outdoor photography backdrops. I am happy to say that there is now another great spot to ad to the list. The White Space Studio in Ancestor Square, in St George is a great space with high vaulted ceilings, large white walls, and lots of natural light coming in from big panorama windows. I love to have an indoor location to offer to clients. This can be perfect for a few different things. Families with small children who may not do well with outdoor elements is my first thought. An engagement session with the clean white and natural light can be a great addition to some awesome outdoor vistas. A bridal session in the studio before the wedding is a perfect opportunity to showcase that gown. I love the simplicity and contrast of a blank background that the White Space Studio offers. If you are considering having your photos done in a studio, be sure that you are using a photographer that knows how to shoot in a studio. The lighting in a studio, although often more controlled, can be quite different to photograph from that of the outdoors. I look forward to future photography sessions at the White Space Studio. Contact me today for any advice on doing your portraits there! white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5866 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5865 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5864 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5863 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5862 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5861 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5860 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5859 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5858 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5857 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5856 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5855 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5854 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5853 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5852 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5851 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5850 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5849 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5848 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5847 white-space-studio-st-george-photos-5846