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Michelle Leo Events

Park City, Northern Utah Wedding Planner

If you are getting married anywhere, but especially Northern Utah, and really care about your wedding being the perfect day free of stress, look no further then Michelle Leo Events. She and her team are absolutely amazing to work with and do such a fantastic job! Michelle Leo Events is an award-winning event planning and design company specializing in both local and destination event management for weddings, social soirees, corporate events and private parties. Identified as a Martha Stewart Top Wedding Planner and five-time consecutive recipient of Utah’s Best of State award, their focus is to provide a myriad of services for a wide range of clientele with specialized event needs. Their one-on-one planning and design process is tailored to the unique and individual needs of each client allowing us to provide a custom, personalized experience that is sure to deliver unforgettable results.  blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1423 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1426 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1419 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1409 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1407 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1455 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1463 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1400 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1363 blue-sky-ranch-wedding-photos-1374

In Michelles own words:

“A heartfelt connection is a powerful thing …. A native to Utah, I grew up in a small town surrounded by some pretty amazing people who helped me develop a lasting appreciation for life’s defining moments. They also helped me create many of the memories I cherish today. I learned at a very early age that I value things like gathering together with family on Sunday afternoons to chat about the week as we devoured Mom’s delicious dinners and Grandma’s homemade brownies. As an adult, I relish in the friendships and connections I developed years ago that carried me through the carefree years, supported me in the growing years and continue to accompany me in the tears and laughter of everyday living.  Staying connected to the people I love fuels my energy and zest for life.

Throughout my career as an event planner and designer, I have had the opportunity to connect with people and to produce events all over the world. Each unique experience has contributed to the way I see and connect with our clients both near and far. The Michelle Leo Events team recognizes and understands that each client provides us with an opportunity to learn, grow and connect on a much deeper, more intimate level. I truly believe our ability to connect with our clients is part of what contributes to the successful composition of our event designs and the award-winning experiences we create. We look forward to creating a heartfelt connection with you and helping you celebrate life’s most memorable events!”