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I have had several opportunities to photograph weddings by When Pigs Fly Events and I am always blown away. Their vision has no bounds and they are always professional in their execution. Im always excited to be the photographer at one of their beautiful and unique weddings. Here are a few words from these talented ladies:

“When Pigs Fly Events is a Mother/Daughter team featuring Kelley and Courtney! We began our journey into the industry a few years ago when we were approached by a few friends and family members to design their weddings. We were excited to embark on a creative journey together. What better way to spend quality time together! I am the planner and logistical puzzle solver with a (healthy?) compulsive nature to make sure every inch of the planning process is sewn together into a perfect canvas. My mom, Kelley, is the designer and stylist extraordinaire with a penchant for painting gorgeous and dreamy landscapes that make your jaw drop. We are fanatics for details and ensure that every inch of an event is covered with personalized pieces for our couples and theme enhancing elements.

red rock country club wedding las vegas Our services are limitless as we are continuously adding to our internal house of resources. We designed online planning tools to make sure the process is simple and easy for our clients. Too often industry insiders forget that our clients are not immersed in the event world and do not know the array of options available to them. We never want to overwhelm a client but we do like to educate and inspire, for example; what to do for a unity ceremony at a wedding or ideas for unique guestbooks. We spend hours pouring over infinite amounts of music to create dj playlists, ceremony music, and life soundtracks.  Our growing warehouse of lights, furniture, and props allow us to bring the party that extra oomph of detail and pizazz.  Nothing can be accomplished without a team of extraordinary people. We work with some of the most amazing talents from florists, to photographers and musicians, to even specialty entertainers and magical cocktail mixologists. And, we employ a team of designers, artists, and dreamers so that we can curate and build custom walls that we then fill with love.

red rock country club wedding las vegas

We are inspired by the beauty in life and its weird oddities, vintage style and repurposed objects, modern lines and whimsical elements, and the full spectrum of color.  We have our heads in the clouds, dreaming up gorgeous, fun, and unique ideas. We have our ears to the ground, listening for amazing new resources and unexpected inspiration. And, we have our fingers on the glue gun, crafting awesome one-of-a-kind details.  Our goal is to never be boxed into a company “style.” Our style is our client’s style which is why we strive to such great lengths to get to know them as individuals, a couple, or a company.  The industry is full of amazing talent and we are so inspired by the creative genius out there. We are ever grateful to our clients for choosing us to design their memories and for giving us the freedom to construct a dream. There is no bigger compliment than to be asked to be a part of someone’s most important life memories.”

red rock country club wedding las vegas When Pigs Fly Events