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Be sure to book a wedding officiant as early as possible

Many of my brides and grooms ask me about hiring a wedding officiant. Steve  Masefield of Zion Canyon Weddings is one of the most talented and kindest wedding officiants I have had the pleasure to work with. He will customize the perfect wedding ceremony to city you. If you are in the market for a officiant for your wedding, be sure to talk to Steve! Here are a few things you should consider talking to Steve about to put together your perfect wedding ceremony in Southern Utah!

The first thing to decide before beginning to look for an officiant is whether the ceremony will be religious or civil. A religious ceremony, often performed by an ordained officiant such as a priest, rabbi, or minister, is recognized not only by the state, but also by the affiliated religion. A civil ceremony is performed by an officiant who has been certified in accordance with state laws

A nonreligious ceremony can be just as expressive as a religious one. If it has been cleared with the officiant, the couple may write their own vows and incorporate readings, music, and themes into the ceremony.

Steve has been officiating for ten years. He was born in Great Britain but is now an American Citizen living in Southern Utah. He is confident and is great with people. He makes every couple feel comfortable on their wedding day and alway helps the guests enjoy the ceremony through emotion and laughter.  steve-masefield-zion-officiant-wedding1480 steve-masefield-zion-officiant-wedding1481 steve-masefield-zion-officiant-wedding1483 steve-masefield-zion-officiant-wedding1484 steve-masefield-zion-officiant-wedding1485 steve-masefield-zion-officiant-wedding1486