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Lingholm Estate Wedding

Keswick England in the Lake District is one of the most charming and beautiful areas in England. A wedding in the Lake District will always be one to remember. Situated near Keswick is The Lingholm Estate. The Lingholm Estate is situated on the Western Shore of Derwentwater in the Lake District. It sits in a dramatic location surrounded by stunning views of and Lakeland fells. If you are looking for a tranquil lakeside location with stunning scenery and Lakeside access then Lingholm is the perfect place for your wedding. This small traditional country estate lies at the heart of the Northern Lake District with the Lakeland Fells of Skiddaw to the north, Castlerigg and High Seat to the east and the Newlands Round to the south and west. The estate is a Victorian house, built in 1870 and used as a holiday residence by Beatrix Potter during her early years in the Lake District. Beautiful paths lead you through the gardens straight to Derwentwater and the estate’s large stretch of private lake frontage. A short stroll down the drive takes you to a footpath leading to Catbells, one of the most famous lakeland walks and in the other direction to the boat launch to Keswick. The idyllic yet convenient location means you can enjoy a truly relaxing holiday without having to use your car. There is even sleeping accommodations on the estate for over 60 guests. I loved photographing this stunning wedding at the Lingholm Estate in the Lake District.

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