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Making the most of your iPhone for Photos

In todays busy world its not always possible to have a nice big camera on hand at all times. Luckily with the advancements of the cameras in our cell phones there really isn’t ever a reason to miss those important moments. Below are a few helpful tips to getting the most out of your iPhone for taking and sharing pictures.

1. Updates and upgrades: The camera on your iPhone is a powerful tool. Like any electronic device though iPhones and their camera become dated over time. If you are using one of the original five generations of the iPhone (iPhone, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, or iPhone 4s) chances are you are still taking lots of photos, but believe it or not, just by upgrading to one of the newer devices you will see huge improvements in your photos, as well as the speed of your camera. Also be sure to keep your phone up to date by upgrading to the newest IOS for free.

2. Manual Controls: Starting in iOS7 and further developed and improved in IOS8, your iPhone has gained some really great controls for easily controlling exposure. One easy tip that will even work with your iPhone 4 or below is tapping and holding down on a bright or dark area of your screen when taking a photo. Improved in IOS8 is the ability to hold down for the initial exposure reading, and then dragging your finger up or down to make the photo brighter or darker before snapping. When taking a shot of someone in the shade in front of a well lit background or visa versa this will be helpful on properly exposing for the subject you are trying to photograph.

3. Using your volume button as a shutter release: If you didn’t already know that your volume up button will work as a shutter release then go give it a try. Gone will be the days where you thought you hit the shutter button on your screen only to realize that the photo didn’t take.

4. Quick access to your Camera app: New to IOS7 was the ability to flick up from the bottom of your screen when turned on. A quick access menu will pop up to things like airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, sleep, and of course your Camera! This can often be so much faster for getting right to your camera for that important shot.

5. Other Camera options: Starting with the iPhone 5 you could take awesome panoramas. The panorama is stitched together by the camera, so its as easy as picking a start point of your panorama and following the line your camera gives you. Also helpful with panoramas is the ability to set your exposure across the image by using the same method mentioned above.

6. Shooting Videos: Im a photographer as a profession, but I will be the first to admit that I LOVE taking videos of my kids and places I visit with my iPhone. They are so easy to shoot, and even easier to make great videos when following these simple steps for taking awesome iPhone videos!

7. Fun Accessories: With an underwater pouch or case for your iPhone you can take photos just about anywhere. There are many companies that make these and a quick trip to Amazon will give several options. The other accessory I like to have with me for my iPhone not that the timelaps feature exists is a very small pocket tripod and mount for an iPhone. Again these can be found on Amazon for roughly $10. Its a great travel companion with your iPhone and will make your timelaps and normal HD videos look that much better!