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Preparing for Your Engagement Photos

One of the questions I get asked often from my clients is “do you have any recommendations on how to prepare for our Engagement Photos?” I thought it a good idea to share some thoughts here so that anyone can reference it! Keep in mind however that these are suggestions only. You don’t need to do all of these suggestions, or any of them for that matter. They are a helpful insight and I hope they are of use to you as you plan your engagement photography session.

1. What should I wear for my engagement pictures?

Its a good idea to have some coordination between outfits, but more stylistically then actually matching. Having layers and accessorizing is always a good idea. Of course keep in mind the time of year to use layers appropriately. Colors and patterns are great, so don’t be afraid of them. Make sure though that the colors and patterns you use are complimentary. For example, patterns with different scales are a good idea. You want to make sure that you aren’t coming off as busy, so it might be a good idea to play some dress up before the session. If the idea of fashion is difficult for you try jumping onto one of the clothing company websites I have on my site for some good ideas. Remember this is your chance to really have fun. Wear the outfits that you would love to be seen in and be your selves!

2. Have Your Hair and Makeup Done Professionally

Why not get a manicure done too while you are at it?! Your hands and ring will be photographed for your engagement pictures. Be sure to ask your hair & makeup artist how much time they will need. Its a good idea to generally allow 2 hours. Also be sure to give yourself extra time before your shoot just in case. Even if you are going for a natural look, get your hair and makeup done professionally. A good makeup artist will help you look your very best! The tricks that a good makeup artist will use will really help enhance your natural beauty and confidence. If you are in need of a hair and makeup person, don’t hesitate to ask and I can provide you with several.

3.  Make the Session Meaningful to You

If you happen to have a location that has a lot of meaning to you both it might be a great place to shoot. However remember that its just a backdrop and you don’t want it to take away from your story. The same goes for props. They can be super fun and cute, but its a good idea to use props and accessories that don’t distract from you and have some personal meaning. Your location and props should all be cohesive with you and your engagement story.

4. Keep it Simple

I recommend shooting in one location, or if two keeping them very close.  I’d rather spend more time shooting than traveling.  Many sessions I do are all shot in one location.I like to shoot at locations that give us a good verity all in close proximity.  Another thing I tell clients is to pack light.  You don’t want to be weighed down by heavy bags that you have to lug around.  Pack concisely and leave what you don’t need in the car.  And on the keep it simple note, just stick with one underlying concept.  Its better to tell one story well than touch upon a bunch of  ideas.

5. Have a Great Time!

Having a good time with the shoot is so important. I always like to have a great time with the couples I photograph. I help them step outside of their box and really be themselves.  If you’re having a good time, it will reflect in the images.  So pick a place you enjoy, get dolled up so that you feel confident and great, and go have fun! baker-reservoir-engagement-photos-7293 baker-reservoir-engagement-photos-7298 park city engagement park city engagement park city engagement park city engagement park city engagement park city engagement utah-desert-engagement-photos-7081 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7071 charleston-engagement-pictures-6231 charleston-engagement-pictures-6228 charleston-engagement-pictures-6218 fort-pierce-utah-engagement-6122 fort-pierce-utah-engagement-6110 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8496 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8491 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8477 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8482 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8487