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Zion National Park in Utah is one of the most unique places for a Destination Wedding. Couples travel from all over the world to be amazed by towering sandstone cliffs of Zion and enjoy the charming town of Springdale which lies at its entrance. I have traveled all over the world photographing weddings but am always in awe as I look up at the cliffs and canyons of Zion National Park. There are few wedding destinations more beautiful in the world. Wedding guests who travel to Zion for the first time are always blown away by its absolute beauty and vastness. Over the years Zion has become a perfect destination for the bride for many reasons. Below is a list that will help you in the planning of your Destination Wedding in Zion or Springdale Zion_Cliffrose_Lodge_Wedding2851

1. Zion is one of the most beautiful places for a wedding

As you and your guest enter into Zion National Park for the first time you will be in awe by the jaw dropping beauty of Zion. The giant sandstone cliffs and canyons are known by nature lovers around the world. Many of those planning a destination wedding in Zion are lovers of nature and hiking as Zion if famous for it. However if you are just a lover of incredible places and can picture yourself being married in one of the most inspiring places on earth then you are in the right place. Cottonwood trees line the Virgin river cutting through the sandstone behemoths. There are many locations both in and outside of the park where you can hold your wedding. wedding in zion national park

2. Location location location

One of the best parts of planing a wedding at Zion National Park is its accessibility from anywhere in the world. Zion is only about two hours from Las Vegas and its international airport and little more then 45 minutes from St George and its Airport. There are many lodging choices in Springdale, Rockville, and Hurricane, not to mention the lodge inside of Zion National Park. wedding in zion national park

3. Expert wedding professionals

Zion benefits from having some of the best wedding professionals in the world. There are Wedding Planners who can help to make your wedding a success  without the stress associated with panning a wedding. Photographers, Cake Designers, Caterers and Florists. All can be found in St George and thanks to your wedding planner can be lined up and trusted to work your wedding and make it a destination event to remember forever.
wedding in zion national park

6. Cost Benefits

Weddings costs in most places around the world are typically higher then that in Southern Utah. A destination wedding in Zion can be had for sometimes more then  half of what a comparable wedding in someplace like Las Vegas, California or New York. You will have a wedding that will inspire your guests and with amazing professionals will be an event that none will forget!

wedding in zion national park
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