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Planning a wedding in St Lucia

St Lucia is the perfect place for a wedding. Is there anything more romantic then a beach wedding?! Now multiply that times the biggest number you can think of because a beach wedding with the pitons jutting out of the ocean are that much more romantic! I have photographed multiple weddings on St Lucia and have learned some important things along the way. When planning your wedding in St Lucia there are a few things to keep in mind. Your photography will be beyond important for your St Lucia wedding. Bring a photographer with you who is experienced with the island and who knows how to photograph weddings in all situations. Being in a tropical climate the weather can sometimes change quick depending on the time of year. Be flexible with your wedding day plans as it could be worth it to let a rain cloud pass for the perfect stormy sky sunset wedding. After traveling all the way to St Lucia having the perfect photos to remember your trip will be worth every penny! st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1109 I highly recommend doing a bridal session the day 

Wedding days can bee full of agenda and things to do. You also are not always 100% sure if you will have the perfect weather. Why not do a day after session, over even a couple days before with a first look as part of the session. This will ensure that regardless of the timing on the day of, or the weather you will have the perfect photos. If you wanted to take a trip over to Pigeon Island with its 15th century ruins or one of the other romantic spots on the island different than where your wedding will be, this is also an other excellent opportunity for that. If pigeon Island is a must for you for your wedding photos be sure to get any permits they require first. It is a national park of sorts so the government typically wants to implement their right to that. Or at least the guy manning the gate might.  st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1110 st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1111 Hire Drivers for going anywhere on St Lucia

St Lucia isn’t a big island but you might be surprised at how long it can take to get from point A to point B. On top of that the roads are windy, narrow, and not always safe. If you are from the US driving on the other side of the road will also throw a big reach into your traveling experience. Hiring a driver to get you anywhere you need to go on the island will be worth the stress it saves you of driving on this tropical paradise. If you are staying at an all inclusive this might consist of the airport to your resort and back. If you decide to make any trips around the island though, have your resort set up a driver for you.  st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1112 st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1113 The Food is Amazing on St Lucia

I don’t know if the food is this good everywhere in the Caribbean but you will love the flavors of St Lucia. Having local cuisine prepared by professionals will make your guests mouths water. Many of the resorts will be able to offer this, and if you are staying at a rental home see if it comes with cooks. This will really make your wedding dinner an event to remember. Take advantage of the local seafood favorites and amazing chicken dishes. Embrace the flavor and the taste of the caribbean singing in your mouth.   st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1114 st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1115 st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1116 st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1117 st-lucia-wedding-photographer-1118

Finding professional photographers or videographers on St Lucia can be difficult

Thats not to say that they don’t exist but they might not be doing the style of photo and video that you are looking for. It is well worth bringing out a photographer to your wedding from the US. Even for all of the brides traveling from the UK, don’t be afraid to look at your friends across the pond for a little help in capturing your wedding day. You want your photos to tell a story of your wedding day that will make you remember every moment with elation. The island is beyond beautiful so you want that captured… but you also really need someone who will capture your emotion and love for one another. Beyond that all of those little moments that happen with your guests as the rum steers the direction of the nightly wedding celebration. I have photographed multiple weddings on St Lucia. I know the ends and outs of the island and would love to be your photographer for this very special day!
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