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Hiring a Wedding Videographer {NP Films}

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer!

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Many Couples ask me about hiring a videographer. A well put together wedding video is the perfect complement to your wedding photos and is a wonderful way to relive those special moments. Just as with choosing your wedding photographer you will find that Videographers have their own style. Wedding videos don’t have to be the cheesy video we often think of. With modern advancements in digital video and cameras I often hear people comparing the video they see to something that would be in a movie. They are sharp and beautiful and if shot by the right videographer will have the artistic edge and storytelling that you will be looking for. When asked for a recommendation for a wedding videographer I often recommend NP Films . Nate Pickett of NP Films is not only a fun and enjoyable person to work with, but he is professional and prides himself on a finished product that is both artistic and timeless. His desire is for his clients to enjoy their wedding videos for decades to come. Below is a bit of advise from Nate. I also encourage you to watch a few of the videos below, as well as some linked to posts on my blog.


Nate of NP Films had this to say about hiring a videographer:


According to one article in the Huffington Post, 98% of brides who exclude video from their wedding plans, regret it.

When considering wedding video if you think picture slideshows with music, “cheesy”, dated and not my style – it is time you start the search for the wedding video you love.

How many people when asked what kind of music is it that they like…often respond with, “I like all music.” While this may be the case, it is rare that this person would be found at every concert of every group or have an equal share of all music genres saved on their ipod. In fact most times they follow up their answer with a statement like, “except for…” then the answer may possibly become more clear. If instead you asked what kind of music do you LOVE? REALLY LOVE!? Chances are the answer will not come quickly. It may take a few minutes, hours, or for some a couple of days to share. But eventually they will not only be able to name a certain kind of music, but also a specific artist and maybe song. It will also be the concert that they would mostly like attend. It is my belief that there is a wedding video that exists that you will LOVE. Even if, because of past experience, you think that you might simply “like” them but ultimately not really care for them at all. Keep looking!
Some questions to consider when selecting the right videographer:

1- Do you love what you do and why?

While the answer to this question may seem obvious. Do your best to really listen to what and more importantly how they answer. Your wedding day is a day filled with emotions. Does their love for what they do connect with how you want your emotional day remembered?

2- How do you determine your pricing and packages?

This could be considered a “curve ball” question, but will help you know how the value of the videographers product is determined. This is important not only when establishing your budget, but understanding the varying differences in cost from vendor to vendor.

3- Are you a full time videographer and how long have you been doing wedding videos?

Experience matters. Very few are willing to invest a substantial amount in a company that is just now taking the leap into full time business ownership. In order to build confidence this company may exaggerate their “experience”. Shooting weddings for six years may sound impressive, but further questioning may uncover that those six years are made up of only six weddings or less. These weddings may have been shot for free because they were “building their portfolio.” It could also be that five of those six weddings shot over six years were because the videographer is only working part time. Does full time matter? Yes, you can only expect the same amount of commitment they will give to your video will be equal to what they give to their business. Although not always the case, part-time can often mean new. So while you may get lucky selecting a part time business to record the most precious moments of your life, you must understand the risks. An unproven professional will often rely more on luck than experience to deliver a consistently solid product. How many aspiring photographers and videographers do you know who are just starting out and can’t wait to buy X camera? This they believe will be what sends their work to the next level. I can share the personal disappointment I felt, when after taking a picture with my first DLSR, I saw a sharper version of what I was already shooting with my smaller point and shoot camera. While equipment does factor into what can be possible, it is not the main factor in why or why not a photo or video looks good. It is experience.