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Lowndes Grove

Charleston South Carolina Wedding Venue

Downtown Charleston Plantation Wedding Venue

Lowndes Grove is one if the top wedding venues in Charleston SC, and with a perfect Southern Estate situated on the water right by downtown Charleston, its no reason why! Lowndes Grove is one of my favorite venues in Charleston to photograph a wedding. The Main House showcases 1786-era architecture with period furnishings is filled top to bottom with Southern charm. The mature trees and landscape that skirt along the river make for the perfect Charleston wedding venue. Surrounded by 14 acres of live oak groves and peaceful river views, downtown Charleston’s last great waterfront estate has enchanted visitors to this idyllic setting for more than four centuries.

Lowndes Grove Plantation stands proudly along the oak-lined banks of the Ashley River. This beautifully restored, National Historic Landmark offers an unparalleled backdrop for one-of-a-weddings. An expansive piazza, grand lawn and sunlit terraces made of bluestone, brick and oyster tabby surround the Main House. Within this relaxed setting, the scenic beauty of the Lowcountry unfolds before you. The private pier onto the Ashley River is the perfect place to take a stroll at the end of the evening. lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7310 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7344 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7346 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7331 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7341 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7330 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7331 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7323 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7302 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7325 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7324 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7298 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7287 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7279 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7269 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7264 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7262 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7266 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7274 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7285