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By September 10, 2016 Wedding

Utah Indian Sikh Wedding

Indian Wedding Photographer

I recently had the absolute pleasure to photograph a stunning Indian Wedding at the Grand America in Salt Lake City Utah. The Grand America is a stunning venue for any wedding, but was perfect for this amazing Indian wedding. I have photographed other Hindu weddings in the past, but this was the first Sikh Wedding I have had the pleasure to photograph. They are so different from one another. Both have the beautiful and vibrant prints and colors that Indian weddings are known for, but it was wonderful learning about this different culture within India. Im thrilled to share the rest of this amazing Indian wedding soon! I love to be the photographer of Indian Weddings in Utah and around the world. With such an amazing couple, this wedding is one of my favorites! sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9376 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9378 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9380 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9379 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9381 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9382 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9383 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9384

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Sikh Wedding Photographer {Indian Weddings}

By August 17, 2016

Utah Indian Wedding Photographer

Sikh Indian Wedding Photographer

sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9377 There are many different Ceremonies that are associated with a Sikh Indian Wedding. I also have a page geared towards those having a Hindu Indian Wedding. This is a list of just a few of the possible ceremonies at a Sikh wedding.

Mehndi (henna) ceremony

The bride’s hands and feet are adorned with Mehndi to symbolize good luck and the love of a couple (the darker the color, the stronger the love). The women in the bride’s life also apply Mehndi to their palms to wish the bride well. The remainder of the ceremony entails traditional song and dance.

Churrah ceremony

The Churrah is a ceremony in which the bride’s uncle gives her a set of bridal bangels that are soaked in rose water. Also, he wraps a shawl around the bride to represent the “giving away” of his niece. Kaliras (ornaments) are tied onto the bangels as a blessing. Once again, traditional song and dance commences for the remainder of the ceremony.

sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9378 Traditional Sikh Wedding Ceremony
During the wedding ceremony, both men and women are required to cover their head. For men, a plain bandana is provided in the morning just before the ceremony. For women, a scarf/stole is typically brought to cover the head. Shoes are also removed during the ceremony.


At the end of the ceremony, guests will receive a very rich and delicious offering called “Prasad,’ which is made with flour, sugar and ghee (clarified butter). To respectfully receive this offering, remain seated and cup both hands together as the the Priest approaches you.

Doli ceremony

The Doli is performed after the Anand Karaj (Sikh Wedding Ceremony) and refers to the ceremony in which the bride leaves her parents home after her wedding.

I absolutely love photographing Indian Weddings. Sikh weddings have such a fun family oriented vibe to them with so much color, beauty and symbolism.  sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9376 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9379 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9380 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9383 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9382