Phoenix Botanical Garden Wedding {Jen+Cory}

By April 20, 2015 Wedding

The Botanical Garden in Phoenix is the perfect place for a wedding! When Jen contacted me last year about photographing her wedding there I was beyond excited. I had photographed one of her friends wedding in Phoenix couple years earlier and really enjoyed the amazing ambiance and feel that the botanical garden provides. The complex is huge and has so much to offer in way of different backdrops and views. I love all of the amazing colors and textures. Jen & Cory’s wedding was such a beautiful event. We started the day with Jen getting ready at¬†Valley Ho, a really fun retro styled hotel. I love those special moments when the bride is with her closest friends mother and sister getting ready. They were a beautiful group and were so much fun. Jen has a twin sister who was a really big part of her celebration. From there we traveled over to the Botanical Garden where Cory was waiting for a first look of Jen in her amazing wedding gown. The first look is always such a special event and I love capturing that nervousness and elation as the groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time. The Ceremony with the hill of Cacti in covering it and the sun setting in the background made for the picture perfect event. Some of my favorite photos were just after the ceremony when we were able to capture Jen & Cory at sunset. This time after the stress of the day has washed away are always so great. The two of them having some special time alone and really just getting to enjoy each other. The rest of the night was an amazing party of eating, toasts, and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing! What a fun group and such an amazing day. Im so glad to have been able to photograph Jen & Cory’s wedding in Phoenix at the botanical garden! phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0577 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0579 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0582 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0587 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0590 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0593 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0596 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0597 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0601 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0604 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0605 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0620 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0621 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0622 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0623 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0625 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0637 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0639 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0642 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0644 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0646 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0648 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0652 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0656 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0660 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0661 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0665 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0668 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0672 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0673 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0681 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0683 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0686 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0687 phoenix-botanical-garden-wedding-photographer-0691

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Tibble Fork Winter Engagement {Carlie+Mickey}

By April 13, 2015 Engagement
Alpine Loop

Ohh where to start with this stunning couple?! Photographing the engagement session of Carlie & Mickey up the Alpine Loop at Tibble Fork Reservoir might just have been the highlight of my winter. Its true that this has been the driest and warmest winter I can remember in Utah so that fact that we had snow and cool weather for this winter engagement photo session made it extra special. Thats not the only reason I love it so much though. Im not even going to get to the fact that this might be the prettiest couple of all time yet. Lets start with the location. The Alpine loop is one of the prettiest arias in the state. You really do feel like you are in the Swiss alps when driving up the canyon. In no other spot is that more true then at the Tibble Fork Reservoir where the crystal azure water reflects the pine trees and peaks of the mountains towering above. This place is just stunning! Now onto Carlie & Mickey. They might have been the only thing more beautiful then the location. Besides that though they really are two of the kindest, funnest, and most genuine people! Such an incredible time working with them and photographing them. I just love getting to know the couples I work with and this was no exception. Carlie is a model in Southern California and Mickey is in the insurance business. They have been doing the long distance thing for a bit and will continue to for a while longer. Im super excited for the two of them to be married in the Salt Lake City Temple. Be sure to stay watching for their wedding photos soon!  Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop Alpine Loop

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