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McCrady’s Charleston Wedding Dinner {Nicole+Ben}

By June 12, 2016 Wedding

McCrady’s restaurant in downtown Charleston was the perfect spot for Nicole and Ben’s pre wedding rehearsal dinner. Wedding planners “A Charleston Bride” did such a fantastic and fun setup for this beautiful dinner in the historic french district of Charleston. I loved the Black and Yellow accented with lemons and floral. It felt so light and fresh. The evening was beautiful with toasts and mingling. I love getting to photograph rehearsal dinners. They are a stress free event where everyone is having a great time. This one was so much fun. Like much of Charleston, McCrady’s has some really fun history. It all began with a hankering for an excellent drink. In 1778, Edward McCrady built a four-story Georgian house on East Bay Street and opened McCrady’s Tavern. Unbeknownst to him, this watering hole was the origin of what would become part of the very restaurant over 200 years later. Working with Nicole and Ben has been a treat from the very beginning. I loved photographing their engagement session in downtown Charleston a few months ago. mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7166 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7167 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7168 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7169 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7171 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7172 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7173 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7174 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7175 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7176 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7177 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7178 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7179 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7181 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7184 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7186 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7187 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7188 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7192 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7194 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7196 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7203 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7205 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7208 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7209 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7212 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7213 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7214 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7216 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7217 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7218 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7219 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7221 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7225 mccrady's-charleston-rehearsal-dinner-7226

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White Rock Desert Engagement {Aimee+Brandon}

By June 7, 2016 Engagement

Over the years I have had the great opportunity to photograph some of Aimee’s good friends weddings. I was so happy when she contacted me about photographing this amazing time in her and Brandon’s lives. The two of them were to totally open to me choosing the location when it came to photographing their engagement session. I had scouted out this spot last year and had been waiting for the right shoot to do here. The white rock and unique formations were stunning. I love shooting in the desert at sunset. The light gets so perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better weather for their engagement photography session. They are about as pretty a couple as you will find. It was so fun getting to know them. We were laughing and having fun from the get go! One thing I hear from a lot of couples before we ever do photos is how uncomfortable they are in front of the camera. Its always my goal to make taking photos a fun and enjoyable experience. I was so glad to have the opportunity to photograph this awesome engagement session and am so looking forward to their bridal and wedding photos!
white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1952 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1956 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1954 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1957 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1958 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1959 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1960 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1961 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1962 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1963 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1964 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1965 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1966 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1969 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1971 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1972 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1973 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1974 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1975 white-rock-utah-engagement-photo-1967

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