San Clemente Wedding at The Casino Teaser

By February 10, 2015 Wedding

Shari & Andy were recently married at The Casino in San Clemente. I loved photographing this beautiful event and working with this wonderful couple! Southern California is always a beautiful place for a wedding and I love photographing couples and events there. The costal towns like San Clemente have such charm and venues like The Casino capture it perfectly. I love the architecture and the feeling like you are stepping back into mid century Southern California. The beach is right across the street. Once the ceremony was over we took a stroll with Shari & Andy and their wedding party to enjoy some fun picture taking with their toes in the sand. I absolutely loved working with these two and cans wait to share more of their wedding soon!  the-casino-san-clemente-wedding-0898 the-casino-san-clemente-wedding-0911 the-casino-san-clemente-wedding-0920 the-casino-san-clemente-wedding-0925 the-casino-san-clemente-wedding-0950

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Southern Utah Toquerville Engagement {Jade+Ben}

By February 10, 2015 Engagement

Jade and Ben both live in Southern Utah and love the Toquerville area. We were lucky enough to photograph their engagements at a big pond that belongs to one of Ben’s friends. I loved the look and feel of this beautiful engagement session. Jade is originally from Haiti in the Caribbean and has such a sweet presence about her. Together she and Ben make such a beautiful couple. We had a lot of fun photographing their engagement photos around the pond just relaxing and having a great time! 
southern-utah-pond-engagement-2937 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2938 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2939 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2940 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2941 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2942 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2944 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2945 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2946 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2948 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2949 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2950 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2951 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2952 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2953 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2954 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2955 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2956 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2957 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2958 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2959 southern-utah-pond-engagement-2960

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