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Bozeman Montana Wedding {Lena+Keir}

By April 21, 2016 Wedding

Over about a year of wedding planning I really enjoyed working with Lena and Keir. I first meat up with them while photographing their engagement photos in Park City about a year before the wedding. I immediately loved working with these two! A couple months before their wedding we meat back up to photograph their bridal session at Tibble Fork reservoir. I was so happy to travel out to Bozeman Montana to photograph their beautiful wedding. Bozeman is only about an hour or so away from Yellowstone National Park. It is a beautiful city and was so perfect for a destination wedding. Lena and Keir were married at the home of one of their friends. Their yard was absolutely breathtaking. The weather went from perfect, to stormy, and back to perfect. It made for a lovely day. I really enjoyed Bozeman and hope I will be able to visit to photograph future weddings often!  bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7004 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7005 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7006 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7007 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7008 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7009 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7010 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7012 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7013 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7014 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7015 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7016 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7017 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7018 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7019 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7020 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7021 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7022 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7024 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7025 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7026 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7027 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7028 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7029 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7032 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7033 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7034 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7035 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7036 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7037 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7038 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7039 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7040 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7041 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7042 bozeman-montana-wedding-photo-7044

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