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Brick San Diego Wedding {Alissa+Tim}

By May 8, 2017 Wedding

Liberty Station San Diego Wedding

San Diego Wedding Photographer

I love photographing weddings in San Diego! As a destination wedding photographer I have the chance to get to some amazing places. I grew up in San Diego, and always love coming back to photograph weddings. Many people know of Liberty Station as the navy base. Several years ago the US Navy let it go, and it has since become a renaissance of business and beauty. Liberty station is a wonderful place for restaurants, walking around, and of course for a wedding! A Brick Liberty Station wedding is the perfect location!

The wedding venue Brick at Liberty Station in San Diego is absolutely amazing! I love the wonderful industrial feel of the building. There are so many wonderful photo spots close by as well. When Alissa contacted me about photographing her wedding at Brick, I was beyond thrilled. I knew that Alissa and Tim were a beautiful couple, and that their venue was amazing, but what I came to find was just how wonderful these two are, inside and out! They have such kind and loving personalities. Their love for Christ and one another was prevalent throughout their wedding day. Their wedding was absolutely stunning and the two of them had a fantastic time with their family and friends. Im so glad to have been their wedding photographer. I love photographing weddings in San Diego and really enjoyed Brick, at Liberty Station for their wedding!

Brick Liberty Station Wedding

In 1915, Roosevelt was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He surveyed San Diego as a possible site for the next Naval Training Station. Construction began in 1921 and some of the first buildings included the barracks, the dispensary, a fire station and four schools.

In 1993, the U.S. Navy announced its intention to close Liberty Station. At that time, the NTC consisted of over three hundred buildings occupying almost 550 acres of land. In 1997 all active military use of the base ended, and the city of San Diego began using the old buildings of the base for businesses such as Brick.

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Chalk Board Wedding Inspiration

By May 1, 2017 Feature, Wedding

Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

Chalk Board Wedding Inspiration

I had a great time working with some of the most talented wedding professionals around creating and photographing this amazing chalk board wedding inspiration shoot. With Chalk becoming such a big part of weddings today, I though it would be great to take that theme to the extreme. It was a wonderful shoot full of amazing elements.

I especially loved the chalk cake with the recipe backdrop behind it. This wonderful element became the inspiration and direction for the rest of the shoot. Photographing and putting together styled shoots can be a real challenge, but also very fulfilling. I enjoy stepping outside of what can sometimes be my comfort zone. It is always great to push myself to photograph and conceptualize new and wonderful wedding ideas. The hand drawn elements on the table and other details was stunning. The floral and decor tied it all together for the perfect inspiration shoot! Im so glad to have it published in the pages of Southern Utah Bride magazine! chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1308 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1310 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1311 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1312 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1313 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1314 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1315 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1316 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1317 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1318 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1319 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1320 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1321 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1322 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1323 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1324 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1325 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1326 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1327 chalk-board-wedding-inspiration-cake-1328

Cake- Sweet Cakes by Karen

Chalk Artist- Susan Moss Grove

Design- Forevermore Events

Dress- BHLDN

Floral- Bloomers

Food & Beverage- Kitchen 435

Hair & Makeup- Julie Thomas – Blow Beauty

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