St George LDS Temple Bridal Photos {Mckell+Trumbull}

By January 10, 2015 Bridal

A wedding at the St George LDS Temple is an important event¬†Southern Utah. For over a hundred and fifty years couples have come from all around the wold to be married for time and all eternity within its walls. ¬†Mckell and Trumbull didn’t have to make an long trek to come to the temple but it makes it no less important to them. They are such a fun and beautiful couple and I have really enjoyed getting to work with them over the planning and adventure of their wedding. St George is such an amazing and beautiful location for a wedding. We did some of their Wedding photos at a near by golf course as well as the temple in order to get some variety and really showcase the Southern Utah look. I loved laughing with these two and as their wedding photographer capturing their deep love for one another. Congratulations to them both on this exciting adventure! st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2834 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2833 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2835 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2836 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2837 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2838 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2839 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2840 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2841 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2842 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2843 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2844 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2845 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2847 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2848 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2849 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2850 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2851 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2852 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2853 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2854 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2855 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2856 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2857 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2858 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2859 st-george-lds-temple-wedding-photographers-2860

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Amazing Snow Canyon Bridal {Abby+Mike}

By January 5, 2015 Bridal

There is not time of year more beautiful in Southern Utah then the fall for wedding photos. At least that is the way felt after photographing this beautiful session with this gorgeous couple. Not so long ago I had the chance to work with Abby and Mike for their engagement photos in Southern Utah. Neither of them live in the area but made the trip for both their engagements and their bridal photos. The wild flowers growing all over the ground is such an amazing contrast to the sage brush, black lava rock and petrified sand dunes of Snow Canyon State Park. I was so happy to get to know Abby and Mike throughout the process of photographing their engagement and bridal photos. I was already booked for their wedding day but as is often the case in that situation they hired me to capture everything else. Im so glad they did. They are such an amazing couple. Absolutely so fun to be around and as kind a couple as you will meet. Im so excited for the two of them and can’t wait to work with them more in the future! snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2759 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2761 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2760 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2762 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2763 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2764 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2765 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2766 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2767 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2768 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2769 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2770 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2771 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2772 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2773 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2774 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2775 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2776 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2777 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2778 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2779 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2780 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2781 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2782 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2783 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2784 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2785 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2786 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2787 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2788 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2789 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2790 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2792 snow-canyon-utah-bridal-photos-2793

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