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Snow Canyon Spring Engagement {Courtney+Travis}

By May 23, 2016 Engagement

I love photographing couples for their engagement photos. This beautiful engagement photo session in Snow Canyon State Park was no different. Courtney often wears a hat so she brought one along for some of the photos. It was so fun, and a great way to show a little bit of who she is. The two of them have such fun style, and amazing personalities. We laughed and joked as we hiked around the red rock and lava flows of Snow Canyon. The sandstone cliffs and formations always make for such an amazing time in Snow Canyon. I am constantly amazed by how beautiful this place is and absolutely love capturing that beauty! Im really looking forward to spending more time with Courtney and Travis. They live in Las Vegas but I’m so glad they were up for making the quick drive to Southern Utah for their engagement photo session. Im looking forward to photographing their bridals at Sand Hallow as well as their wedding at the Sand Hallow golf course. snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1840 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1841 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1842 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1844 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1845 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1846 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1847 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1848 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1849 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1850 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1851 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1852 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1853 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1854 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1855 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1856 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1857 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1858 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1859 snow-canyon-desert-engagement-photo-1860

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Southern Utah Spring Engagement {Amanda+Mason}

By May 16, 2016 Engagement

More often then not when couples ask me what to wear for their engagement session I really try to encourage them to be themselves… their best selves. Amanda and Mason needed no coaching. They came dressed to impress and I absolutely loved working with them for their engagement photo session. Their session took place in the beginning of Spring. We knew we wanted it to have that green spring feel. The weather was beautiful and the trees with the golden light of the afternoon were stunning. I loved photographing the love these two have for one another. The golf course in St George Utah was the perfect location for a mix of green and red rock for this fun engagement session. Amanda and Mason are both from St George, so we knew going into it that capturing the feel of Southern Utah was important. I had a great time laughing and photographing these two! dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1926 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1928 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1930 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1931 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1933 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1934 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1936 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1937 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1938 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1939 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1940 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1941 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1942 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1943 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1944 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1945 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1946 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1947 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1948 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1949 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1950 dixie-red-hills-golf-engagement-photo-1951

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