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Christensen Baby Birth Video

By December 8, 2016 maternity, Video

Baby Birth Video

Birth Videographer

Every once in a while I get asked to video a baby birth. It all started when I did a birth video of our third son, and then a short eighteen months later, another birth video of our fourth son. I have shot a few other since that time including the birth of my nephew, and absolutely love them. My kids love watching their videos over and over. Its got to be the most amazing time in ones life! I was so thrilled to video the birth of Megan and Blake’s third baby boy! Going into it we had no idea what the sex of the baby would be. I got to the hospital, and within ten minutes, without so much as a push, Megan gave birth to this beautiful little boy. I loved being able to film not only the birth, but the emotion and love from all of their family members who were present. I look forward to filming future births and capturing that wonderful time!

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Snow Canyon Pre Wedding {Brittney+Tyler}

By October 29, 2016 Bridal

Snow Canyon Utah Wedding Location

Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

Zion National Park is so appealing for weddings and adventure, but can often be busy with tourists. Less known, but equally spectacular in its own way, Snow Canyon State Park is an absolutely stunning location for a wedding. After photographing the first half of Brittney and Tyler’s pre wedding at the St George temple, we made the quick trip over to Snow Canyon to capture some of the splendor that Southern Utah has to offer. I always love photographing weddings and engagements in Snow Canyon. The towering sandstone cliffs of red and white mixed with the black lava rock make for such a stunning backdrop. There are short hikes with spectacular views that are just as beautiful as can be. Brittney and Tyler looked absolutely stunning for their pre wedding photos. I loved Brittney’s lace dress and Tyler’s Air Force uniform. Working with this wonderful couple was an absolute treat. Im so thrilled for them and wish them all the best for the future. Im looking forward to the next time I get to be in Snow Canyon photographing the amazing scenery and background! snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8804 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8805 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8806 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8807 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8808 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8809 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8810 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8811 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8812 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8813 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8814 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8815 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8817 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8818 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8819 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8820 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8821 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8822 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8823 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8824 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8825 snow-canyon-overlook-wedding-8826

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