Santa Barbara Wedding { Rachel+Jason }

By February 8, 2014 Wedding

Pictures from Rachel and Jasons wedding are featured in the upcoming fall 2014 issue of Destination I Do Magazine. I am excited to share some more of  their beautiful wedding photos with you here. They were married in the Los Angeles LDS Temple and had their reception and most of their photos in Santa Barbara. I get to travel all over the world for destination weddings and I have to say Santa Barbara is up there with the prettiest destinations I have had the opportunity to visit. Rachel and Jason were so fantastic to work with and we really had a blast! Their photos took us down to the beach in Santa Barbara where it was windy but beautiful. Their amazing backyard wedding reception at her grand mothers house was perfect.  destination i do cover 2014 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0629 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0630 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0631 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0632 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0633 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0634 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0635 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0636 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0637 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0638 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0639 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0640 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0641 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0642 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0643 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0644 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0645 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0646 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0647 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0648 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0649 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0650 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0651 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0652 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0653 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0654 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0655 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0656 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0657 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0658 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0659 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0660 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0661 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0662 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0663 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0664 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0665 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0666 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0667 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0668 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0669 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0670 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0671 Santa_Barbara_Wedding_0672


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San Diego Park Family Pictures {Anne + Jamie}

By February 6, 2014 Family

Photographing this beautiful family as their kids grow up over the years has been so great. This is now my third time taking their family pictures in San Diego and I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with them again. I meat them while Anne was still pregnant with their second and shot their photos at a park near their house in Pacific Beach. The second session after their second boy was born was at the beach in PB just down the hill from their home. I can’t say enough how great it is to photograph this awesome family. I love to see their kids grow up and to be able to capture these different stages in their lives. Anne and Jamie are awesome parents and their kids are so much fun. Boys through and through with all sorts of energy! We did their pictures this time at Kate O Sessions park in a little hidden corner. We found a great little spot where the kids could crawl around and play in the plants. Needless to say we had a lot of fun and I look forward to photographing this sweet family again in the future.

san-diego-family-photos-4513 san-diego-family-photos-4512 san-diego-family-photos-4511 san-diego-family-photos-4510 san-diego-family-photos-4509 san-diego-family-photos-4508 san-diego-family-photos-4507 san-diego-family-photos-4506 san-diego-family-photos-4505 san-diego-family-photos-4504 san-diego-family-photos-4503 san-diego-family-photos-4502 san-diego-family-photos-4501

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