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Indian Sangeet in Utah {Adria+Sujeet}

By May 9, 2015 Wedding

Hindu Weddings are not only about rituals and customs, rather are also full of fun moments and events like the Sangeet. Though people in India regard marriage more as a religious affair, the elements of fun and frolic are also added into it, to make this emotional affair, somewhat light and amusing. In fact, most of the pre-wedding rituals are designed in away that there is a scope of entertainment. Be it haldi, mehendi or sangeet, all the pre-wedding ceremonies are full of light and amusing moments; however among all the pre wedding celebrations sangeet party is the most enjoyable one. The sangeet ceremony is also known as ‘gaun’. This custom heightens the excitement of wedding festivities. As a joint affair before the marriage ceremony, it also becomes a platform developing familiarity of the bride and groom with each others family. They are mostly held in a big hall, which are beautifully decorated where people come dressed in ethnic Gujarati wear. Adria and Sujeet’s Sangeet was an absolute blast. It was full of all of the bright colors and life one would expect at an Indian wedding, as well as the traditional dancing and amazing food. I loved photographing the Sangeet of Adria and Sujeet in Utah as well as the following day with their traditional Hindu Wedding at Entrada. utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1524 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1525 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1526 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1527 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1528 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1529 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1530 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1531 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1532 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1533 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1534 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1535 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1536 utah-indian-sangeet-wedding-hindu-1538

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Southern Utah White Rock Engagement {Chelsey+Michael}

By May 8, 2015 Engagement

Snow Canyon Overlook Engagement Photography

I love photographing couples getting married in and around Southern Utah. Chelsea & Michael made the trek down from Cedar City where they live and will be having their wedding reception to have their engagements in Snow Canyon. This is one of my favorite state parks in Utah. It is absolutely stunning with its red rock sandstone cliffs and vast overlooks. I love the contrast of color and beautiful textures in the Lava rock, and different tones of rocks mixed with the trees and sage brush. Its no wonder that couples come from all over to visit the beauty of Southern Utah and experience in its wonder. Chelsey and Michael are obviously a beautiful couple but more then that they are just so much fun. I loved laughing and exploring with them and capturing their love for one another along the way. Im looking forward to their wedding in St George at the LDS Temple and Reception at Stone Haven in Cedar City.

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