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Sundance Utah Resort Wedding {Brit + Thom}

By November 13, 2015 Wedding

Situated off of the Alpine Loop in Utah, The Sundance Resort has to be one of the most beautiful spots around. It is known for its amazing ski slopes and bike runs, and of course for being a stunning wedding venue. There couldn’t be two people more sweet and fun then Brit & Thom. I was so glad to have been there to photograph their amazing wedding at Sundance. I worked side by side most of the day with Kale Fitch as he shot their wedding video (below). Fuse Weddings and events did the wedding planning and decor for the day, and of course they did an absolutely incredible job as they always do! They are known as one of the top wedding planners in the region for a reason. The decor was impeccable, and the day went off without a hitch. The wedding guests were so impressed by the day, most never having even been to Utah before. I love hearing people ohh and aww at weddings. Over the decor, the details, the scenery, and of course the bride and groom! They were a great group and so much fun to work with! The day was beautiful, the ceremony so special, and I especially loved the live band rocking out for the reception. Even Brit and Thom’s dog mad it to the end of the event. So much fun and such a perfect wedding!
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Summer Golf Course Engagement {Mckell+Tui}

By November 6, 2015 Engagement

Instagram has become such a great place to share a little of what I do on a daily basis with my photography.¬†Every so often I will run an instagram contest to try and help a couple or family get the photos they have dreamed of, but maybe couldn’t alway budget for. If you haven’t already started following my instagram, be sure to jump on there for the change to win your own session. Mckell & Tui entered a Instagram contest I held during the summer. There were hundreds of entries and I was so thrilled for this special pair to have won. They are such a kind and fun couple. We had a wonderful time capturing the their love and the stunning backdrops of Southern Utah. We wanted to get some of the red rock that Southern Utah is known for while also capturing the trees and green of the golf course for their engagement photos. Im so thrilled for these two and the life they have ahead. Working with and meeting people like Mckell and Tui really make me love my job! I just love photographing people in love! st-george-golf-course-engagement-8690 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8691 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8692 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8693 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8695 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8696 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8697 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8698 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8699 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8700 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8702 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8703 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8704 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8705 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8706 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8707 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8708 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8709 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8710 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8711 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8712 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8713 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8714 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8715 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8716 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8717 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8718 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8719 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8721 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8722 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8723 st-george-golf-course-engagement-8724

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