La Jolla Cove Bridal Photos {Dorothy+Kurt}

By April 1, 2015 Bridal

I have photographed countless weddings and couples in La Jolla and around San Diego over the years but am always in awe of the amazing beauty of Southern California. From the beaches to the amazing trees and cliffs this fun pre wedding session at the Cove in La Jolla California is just so stunning. I loved working with Dorothy & Kurt for their engagement photos in Zion Utah a few months earlier and really enjoyed the sunshine and waves for their bridals at the beach in San Diego. We lucked out with some absolutely perfect winter weather and had such a fun time walking photographing these two in love by the seals and sea. I highly recommend a destination wedding in San Diego and really love photographing weddings there! I am originally from Southern California and always love the feeling of going home and sharing the beauty with the couples I photograph there.  la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-seagul-0781 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0744 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0745 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0746 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0747 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0748 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0749 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0750 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0751 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0754 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0755 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0756 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0757 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0760 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0761 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0762 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0763 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0765 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0766 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0767 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0768 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0769 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0770 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0771 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0772 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0773 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0774 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0775 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0776 la-jolla-cove-wedding-photos-0778

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Farm Fresh Wedding Inspiration {Southern Utah Bride}

By March 26, 2015 Wedding

Later last year I had the awesome opportunity to team up with some of my favorite wedding vendors to do this brilliant wedding inspiration shoot for Southern Utah Bride Magazine. The farm fresh theme of the shoot was in absolutely every detail. From the handcrafted paper products to the eye popping fruit and vegetable florals and even the venue of the community garden made this the perfect farm fresh wedding inspiration. I always love photographing inspiration for the readers of Southern Utah Bride and sharing those photos with all of their readers. The beautiful model we had for our bride in this shoot was just stunning. Such a natural beauty and so great in front of the camera. I love how this session feels so fresh and light and yet continues to play on the colors and backgrounds of Southern Utah and its beautiful red rocks.  farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0693 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0695 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0697 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0698 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0700 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0701 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0704 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0705 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0708 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0709 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0710 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0712 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0715 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0716 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0717 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0718 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0719 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0720 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0722 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0724 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0725 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0726 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0727 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0728 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0731 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0732 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0736 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0738 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0739 farm-fresh-organic-wedding-gideon-0740

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