Historic Charleston Engagement { Kaitlyn + Chris }

By June 10, 2014 Engagement

If there is a more beautiful city in the US to photograph a couple then Charleston SC I don’t think I have found it yet. The place just oozes with charm. From the old streets lined with Southern live oaks dripping with spanish moss to the amazing 16th-19th century architecture that abounds on every cobblestone street, the place is just amazing. What is even more stunning then Charleston are Kaitlyn and Chris! When they contacted me to fly out to Charleston to photograph their engagement session and wedding later next year I was beyond thrilled. I had already fallen in love with Charleston from a recent wedding¬†and just love The South. After spending time talking with these two over the phone and then meeting them there I was amazed at what a wonderful couple they are! They are both extremely talented artists and transplants to Charleston. I felt in a short time we had been long friends. I love photographing engagement sessions and traveling to beautiful places to do it is certainly a perk. But what really drives me is the love and excitement that couples like Kaitlyn have for one another. Im so looking forward to spending more time with them for their wedding which will be coordinated by Fabulous Fete.

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Sand Hallow Utah Wedding {Jessica + Stephen}

By June 4, 2014 Wedding

Photographing weddings in May in Southern Utah is a dream come true. When Jessica and Stephen hired me to be their wedding photographer for their special day at the St George LDS Temple and their reception at Sand Hallow Golf Course, I was so thrilled! Both the temple and Sand Hallow are amazing year round, but especially when all of the trees and grass are in full bloom. The wonderful contrast of the green grass, red hills, and blue skies makes for the perfect wedding day. I photographed Jessica and Stephens Engagement photos in the spring, and then their Pre Wedding Photos in the red rocks shortly before the wedding day. I loved getting to know this amazing couple, and working with both of their families. They are all so fantastic and I hope to work with them all again in the future! The Reception at Sand Hallow was coordinated and set up by Forevermore Events and the amazing floral was by bloomers. Jessica’s hand made wedding dress was by Illume Gowns out of California.
sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7658 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7659 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7660 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7661 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7662 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7663 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7664 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7665 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7667 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7668 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7666 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7669 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7670 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7671 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7672 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7673 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7674 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7676 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7675 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7677 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7678 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7679 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7680 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7681 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7682 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7683 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7684 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7685 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7686 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7687 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7688 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7690 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7689 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7691 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7692 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7693 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7694 sand-hallow-utah-wedding-7695

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