Utah Wedding Photographer

Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding Teaser

By September 16, 2016 Wedding

Cancun Mexico Wedding Photographer

Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer

I recently flew out to Mexico for this amazing destination wedding at Finest Resort Playa Mujeres in Cancun. I love all things Riviera Maya. The stunning white beaches and perfect ocean makes for the most amazing destination wedding! I love photographing weddings all around the world and traveling to new and exciting places. I have been to Riviera Maya for weddings in the past but this one was an absolute blast! Clarianne and Brian made the trip to Mexico from Canada along with all of their guests. This was an amazing wedding and I can’t wait to share all the stunning aspects of it with you. Here is a very little teaser for now!

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Tower Butte Powell Wedding {Lisa+Brian}

By September 14, 2016 Wedding

Lake Powell Wedding Photographer

Tower Butte Helicopter Wedding

I had the unique opportunity to photograph Lisa and Brian’s wedding on top of Tower Butte. Rising 5,000 feet above sea level, Tower Butte is one of the most unique formations anywhere, providing the perfect setting for a unique and amazing wedding! After we boarded our helicopters in Page we flew eastward over Antelope Canyon, Land of the Navajo Nation and Lake Powell. We passed over horseshoe bend and flew on and up to Tower Butte. I was blown away by the views and just how amazing this spot is for a wedding. It is much bigger on top then one would think, and I never felt unsafe. The 360-degree panoramic view is absolutely breathtaking. We could see Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, the Kaiparowitz Plateau, the Grand Staircase and the Vermillion Cliffs. It was a stormy and cloudy day but was still so perfect for this amazing wedding. Only accessible by Helicopter, this is one of the most exclusive wedding locations in the world. The wedding was preformed by one of the local Navaho. After the ceremony I was able to take some time to capture this amazing spot with Lisa and Brian. As a wedding photographer photographing destination weddings all over the world, I get to see some pretty spectacular places. Tower Butte at Lake Powell was by far one of the best! Grand Canyon Helicopter tours did an awesome job getting the whole wedding group on location and were a great group to work with. If you have a sense of adventure and want an absolutely unforgettable wedding you should seriously be considering Tower Butte for your wedding location. I loved photographing this one of a kind wedding of this amazing couple at this jaw dropping wedding location of Tower Butte at Lake Powell. tower-butte-wedding-helicopter-1 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8412 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8415 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8416 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8417 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8418 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8419 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8420 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8421 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8422 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8424 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8425 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8426 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8428 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8429 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8430 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8431 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8432 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8433 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8434 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8435 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8436 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8437 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8438 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8439 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8440 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8441 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8442 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8443 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8444 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8445 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8446 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8447 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8448 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8449 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8450 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8451 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8452 tower-butte-lake-powell-wedding-8453

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