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Snow Canyon White Rock Bridal {Ali+Cory}

By January 24, 2017 Bridal

Southern Utah White Rock Pre Wedding

St George Wedding Photographer

Oh Southern Utah! I can’t say enough how much I love photographing couples in in St George and the Southern Utah surrounding area! There really aren’t many places on earth as naturally diverse and beautiful. I photographed the engagement session of Ali and Cory in Pine Valley, a totally different look and feel from their bridal session in the desert. I was excited to go out to the white rock area of Snow Canyon with the two of them. The only down side of the day was major wind. Oh did it blow hard! Despite the high winds, we had an awesome time. It was chilly and at times Ali’s hair was out of control, but the session was still beautiful and super fun. I absolutely loved working with these two! They are such a sweet and kind couple and are so much fun to be with! I loved photographing their session at the White Rock area of Snow Canyon in Southern Utah! white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0960 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0961 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0962 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0963 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0964 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0966 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0967 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0968 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0969 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0970 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0971 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0972 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0973 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0974 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0975 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0976 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0977 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0979 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0980 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0981 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0983 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0984 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0985 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0986 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0987 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0988 white-rock-snow-canyon-bridal-0989

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Zion Utah Engagement Teaser

By January 17, 2017 Engagement

We went deep into Zion National Park to photograph the engagement of Tina & Mike. It was such a fun time hiking through slot canyons and along towering sandstone cliffs. I love to photograph weddings, elopements and engagements in Zion. As a photographer in Southern Utah, I have the opportunity to photograph many sessions throughout the year. I am so blessed to live by such a breathtaking monument. Zion has become more popular over the years as a destination location for a wedding or an elopement. Even an engagement proposal in Zion National Park is an awesome idea. There are so many wonderful photos of Tina and Mike’s engagement and Im excited to share more with you soon! Keep checking back for lots more of this beautiful engagement photo session in Zion National Park. zion-national-park-engagement-photographer-1400 zion-national-park-engagement-photographer-1402 zion-national-park-engagement-photographer-1403 zion-national-park-engagement-photographer-1404

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