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Snow Canyon Sunset Bridal {April+Connor}

By February 22, 2016 Bridal

I recently had the opportunity to photograph April & Connor’s bridal session starting at the LDS Temple in St George and then moving on to finish their bridal session in Snow Canyon State Park. I am a big fan of both of these locations. I love the architecture and grounds of the temple. I photograph weddings at the LDS Temple often and its always such a pleasure. Snow Canyon is one of my favorite places anywhere, and even more so when we get so lucky to have an amazing sky. The weather was pretty fantastic for photos with these two. They are such a cute couple. So fun to photograph and spend time with. Im so thrilled for the two of them. I loved hiking to some beautiful spots in Snow Canyon with them for the perfect pre wedding photos.  lds-temple-bridal-photos-1012 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1013 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1014 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1015 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1016 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1017 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1018 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1019 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1020 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1021 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1022 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1023 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1024 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1025 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1026 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1027 lds-temple-bridal-photos-1028 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1001 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1002 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1003 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1004 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1005 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1006 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1007 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1008 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1009 snow-canyon-sunset-bridal-photos-1010

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Albion Basin Engagement {Laura+Tanner}

By February 16, 2016 Engagement

I love photographing couples in amazing places. Albion Basin is an absolutely stunning location for a photo session of any kind. I loved hiking around with Laura & Tanner for this romantic session full of laughs and amazing scenery. Engagement sessions are one of my favorites. I love to get to know a couple in a casual setting. It makes the wedding day that much more fun when I already have a great relationship with the couple I am photographing. I loved working with Laura & Tanner. I actually photographed Laura’s sisters wedding several years ago and absolutely adore their family. The views around Albion Basin are some of the best in Utah. They are reminiscent of being in the alps, and are absolutely stunning. Laura & Tanner have amazing personalities and were such a joy to work with. Im so thrilled to share these photos from their engagement session at Albion Basin.  albion-basin-engagement-photos-9600 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9599 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9597 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9601 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9602 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9603 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9605 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9606 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9607 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9608 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9609 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9611 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9612 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9614 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9615 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9616 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9617 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9618 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9619 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9620 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9621 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9622 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9623 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9624 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9626 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9627 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9628 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9630 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9631 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9632 albion-basin-engagement-photos-9635

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