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Zion National Park Elopement {Brandi+Steve}

By February 20, 2017 Wedding

Elopement in Zion National Park

Zion Wedding Photographer

I always love photographing elopements in Zion National Park. I had the pleaser again of working with Steve Masefield the wedding efficient, on this great little engagement by the National Park. You really can’t go wrong with planning a wedding or an elopement in Zion National Park. With its jaw dropping sandstone cliffs and vistas, it is one of the most amazing places in the world. I love photographing weddings in Zion and had a great time photographing this one! zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9625 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9627 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9629 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9630 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9632 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9634 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9636 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9640 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9643 zion-utah-elopement-wedding-9645

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St George Temple Wedding {Jordan+Jackson}

By February 13, 2017 Wedding

The Ledges of St George Wedding

Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

Forevermore Events always does the most amazing setup at weddings in Southern Utah. I absolutely¬†loved all the breathtaking floral elements as well at this wedding by Bloomers! Jordan and Jackson were married at the St George LDS Temple in Southern Utah and had their stunning reception at The Ledges. The Ledges is a wonderful wedding venue. It sits above Snow Canyon and is known for its wonderful view and beautiful indoor, outdoor vibe. I loved all of the light colors and textures at this wedding. I photographed Jordan and Jackson’s engagement session at Zion and had an amazing time with them. We had a day full of great clouds and wonderful weather. Not to mention mind blowing views back into Zion National Park. Their bridal session in Snow Canyon was full of gloomy skies, but the session was awesome. They looked stunning, and were so fun to work with once again. Their wedding day at the St George Temple and The Ledges was really such a great day. I am so glad I was there to photograph it!¬† the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1014 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1015 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1016 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1017 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1018 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1019 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1020 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1021 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1022 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1023 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1024 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1026 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1027 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1028 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1029 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1030 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1031 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1032 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1033 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1034 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1035 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1036 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1037 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1038 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1039 the-ledges-st-george-wedding-photos1040

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