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Quail Creek Reservoir Engagement {Lauren+Chance}

By October 14, 2015 Engagement

Photographing Lauren & Chance for their engagement session in Southern Utah was a blast! Many years ago now I photographed Lauren’s brothers wedding at the St George temple. I then had the great opportunity to work with their family again for her sister Cambri’s wedding in Salt Lake City at the Temple. I adore her family and always love working with them! Lauren is so upbeat and fun and I was so excited to work with her for her engagement photos and wedding. Chance is a great guy. It was great getting to know him through the process. Together they are a lot of fun and complement each other really well. We decided to take advantage of some of the beauty of Southern Utah for their engagement session. I love water so any chance to photograph near water for me is a plus! It was a windy day but we still had such a great time. We started with more green for the session and more of an intimate environment. By the end though we had some pretty wide open landscapes for draw from. I love the Baker Reservoir and some of its incredible views. I really enjoyed this engagement session and look forward to sharing their bridals and wedding day as well!
quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8556 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8557 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8558 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8559 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8560 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8561 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8562 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8563 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8564 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8565 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8566 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8567 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8568 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8569 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8570 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8571 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8572 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8573 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8574 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8575 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8576 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8577 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8578 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8579 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8580 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8581 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8582 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8583 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8584 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8585 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8586 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8587 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8588 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8589 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8590 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8591 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8592 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8594 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8595 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8596 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8597 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8598 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8599 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8600 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8601 quail-creek-reservoir-engagement-photo-8602

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Tibble Fork Summer Bridal {Lena+Keir}

By October 6, 2015 Bridal

Las year at about the same time I meat up with these two to photograph their amazing engagement session in Park City. I had been looking forward ever since to photographing their bridal session. Their wedding is in Montana so we knew we wanted a beautiful green mountain look not only to mesh well with the engagement session, but with the wedding day as well. I love the Alpine Loop in Utah and all that it has to offer for photographs. The Tibble Fork Reservoir has become very popular since the time I first started photographing couples there. It can be a veritable zoo of photographers capturing families, and couples, or just landscapes. Besides that negative it is still one of the most beautiful spots in Utah. I love the bright green color of the reservoir and the golden light that seeps through the beautiful pine trees. It can be challenging at times not wanting to photograph all of the beauty around and just concentrating on telling the story of the spot. Of course the main story being told there is that of Lena and Keir and this amazing time in their lives. They really are the perfect couple. They compliment each other so well. I love spending time with them and getting to know them better and who they are both as individuals and together. I loved the setting and Lena & Keir looked so beautiful in it. As a photographer I get to travel to some pretty amazing places photographing couples. Utah offers some of those beautiful places in spades. I can’t wait to photograph they wedding in Montana soon!  tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8517 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8518 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8519 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8520 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8521 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8522 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8523 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8524 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8525 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8526 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8527 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8528 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8529 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8530 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8531 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8532 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8534 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8535 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8536 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8537 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8538 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8539 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8540 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8541 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8542 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8543 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8544 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8545 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8546 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8547 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8548 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8549 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8550 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8551 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8552 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8553 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8554 tibble-fork-photos-bridal-8555

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