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Winter Zion National Park Engagement {Braden+Sara}

By January 4, 2017 Engagement

Engagement Proposals in Zion National park happen all year long, but the winter is the off season for Zion National Park. People don’t associate Zion with snow, but we do get it from time to time, and when it happens, it is beyond breathtaking. I loved photographing the engagement of Sara and Braden in Zion National Park in the winter. I love the warmth of the red and orange sandstone mixed with the cold snow. It makes for such beautiful and interesting photo backdrops. As a wedding photographer in Southern Utah I have the opportunity to work often in Zion, photographing couples from all around the world. Sara and Braden are actually St George locals. It was such an awesome time photographing this beautiful couple in Zion National Park for their engagement photo session!  zion-snow-engagement-photos-1405 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1406 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1407 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1408 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1409 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1410 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1411 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1412 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1413 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1414 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1415 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1416 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1417 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1418 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1419 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1421 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1422 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1423 zion-snow-engagement-photos-1424

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Sand Hallow Sunset Engagement {Kelcie+Matt}

By December 27, 2016 Engagement

St George Wedding Photographer

Sand Hallow Beach Engagement Photos

Just because Southern Utah is a long way away from the ocean, that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of beautiful beaches for wedding and engagement photos! We have no shortage of amazing lakes and reservoirs in Southern Utah. Sand Hallow is one of my favorites for photos! I love the red rock jutting out of the crystal blue water. It is almost otherworldly. Kelcie and Matt were so fantastic to work with! We hiked around the beaches and sandstone cliffs to get some truly amazing photos. The sunset was nothing short of amazing for their engagement photo session! Im so glad I was able to photograph Kelcie and Matt and look forward to future session with them! sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9747 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9750 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9751 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9752 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9753 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9754 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9755 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9756 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9758 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9759 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9760 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9761 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9762 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9763 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9764 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9765 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9766 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9767 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9768 sand-hallow-sunset-utah-engagement-9769

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