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Desert Green Engagement {Tisha+Tyler}

By September 25, 2015 Engagement

When thinking of Southern Utah for Engagement or Wedding photos most automatically think of the desert red rocks. St George can offer such a wide variety of looks though for these beautiful photo sessions. I often ask couples that I am photographing what kind of a look or a feel they want to go for. Many love the red rock look, which is great and obviously so prevalent throughout Southern Utah. There are those though that want to have lush landscapes of life with lots of green. The rivers that flow through the area have brought people here since the beginning. They continue to nourish the area and make St George a beautiful destination full of color and life. Tisha & Tyler made the trip down from Norther Utah and wanted to capture some of the desert with a lot of the green that spring and summer brings. These two are honestly two of the sweetest people. I loved every moment of photographing them. We had such a great time laughing and enjoying the perfect weather and landscape. I love getting to know the couples I work with during an engagement session. I can’t say enough how great it was becoming friends with these two!
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Middleton Place, Charleston SC Wedding Teaser

By September 10, 2015 Wedding

I recently had the chance to travel back to Charleston SC to photograph the wedding elopement of Lauren & Tyler at Middleton Place. Middleton Place is one of the oldest plantations in the south and boast the oldest gardens in the United States. The Gardens, which Henry Middleton envisioned and began to create in 1741, reflect the grand classic style that remained in vogue in Europe and England into the early part of the 18th century.  Rational order, geometry and balance; vistas, focal points and surprises were all part of the garden design. To this day the gardens of Middleton Place draw visitors from around the world. I loved walking the beautiful landscape with Lauren & Tyler as we photographed this amazing time in their lives. Extended vistas in the Carolina Low Country are usually flat, across great expanses of river and marsh.  The house site at Middleton Place is an exception. It stands on a bluff forty feet above the Ashley River which forms a wide canal directly in line with the house. The ponds around the grounds are filled with alligators lazily floating in the sun. The southern live oaks that are scattered across the property are filled with the lovely spanish moss, which blows softly from the warm breeze. Middleton Place is a stunning wedding venue full of the Southern Charm that one comes to love and expect in Charleston. Photographing weddings at Middleton is a treat! Im looking forward to sharing more images from Lauren & Tylers Elopement!

charleston-middleton-place-wedding-8069 charleston-middleton-place-wedding-8071 charleston-middleton-place-wedding-8072 charleston-middleton-place-wedding-8073

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