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Zion Slot Canyon Pre Wedding {Tina+Mike}

By May 15, 2017 Engagement

Zion Utah Wedding Photographer

Zion Slot Canyon Engagement

Elopements, weddings and engagements have become so popular in Zion. There is a reason that people travel from all around the world to visit and be married in Zion National Park in Southern Utah! This place is absolutely spectacular. The slot canyons are probably one of the lesser thought about features of Zion. A Zion Slot Canyon Engagement can be so unique and beautiful! I am so glad that we did Tina and Mike’s engagement photos in Zion.

Engagement Photos In Zion

Tina and Mike wanted to have their engagement photos taken in Zion and I was beyond thrilled. I love photographing couples in Zion. Its absolutely one of my favorite places. I have photographed countless weddings and couples in Zion, and literally every time I am there I am in awe. I love to adventure and explore around, finding new places. There really is nothing like Zion in all the world. You have the amazing views from inside the canyon which is what most people see. Then there are many different overlook views to take in a different vantage point of the park. Then there are the slot canyons, so famous to Southern Utah!

It has become more and more popular over the years as word has caught on in Europe and around the world. Tina and Mike hired me for their destination wedding in Mexico, but were sure they wanted their engagement photos in Zion. Because of the time of year I decided to take them to spots the we could hit by car.

I love the slot canyons and towering sandstone cliffs and mesas. Zion really is a magical place for a wedding, an elopement, or engagement session! Tina and Mike were so fun to get to know and to work with. It was an awesome time hiking around the park, finding new and awesome spots, and laughing the day away. Im so looking forward to their wedding, and am always looking forward to my next photography adventure in Zion National Park. zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1374 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1375 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1376 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1377 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1378 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1379 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1380 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1381 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1382 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1383 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1384 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1385 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1386 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1387 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1388 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1389 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1390 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1391 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1392 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1393 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1394 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1395 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1396 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1397 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1398 zion-slot-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-1399


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Brick San Diego Wedding {Alissa+Tim}

By May 8, 2017 Wedding

Liberty Station San Diego Wedding

San Diego Wedding Photographer

I love photographing weddings in San Diego! As a destination wedding photographer I have the chance to get to some amazing places. I grew up in San Diego, and always love coming back to photograph weddings. Many people know of Liberty Station as the navy base. Several years ago the US Navy let it go, and it has since become a renaissance of business and beauty. Liberty station is a wonderful place for restaurants, walking around, and of course for a wedding! A Brick Liberty Station wedding is the perfect location!

The wedding venue Brick at Liberty Station in San Diego is absolutely amazing! I love the wonderful industrial feel of the building. There are so many wonderful photo spots close by as well. When Alissa contacted me about photographing her wedding at Brick, I was beyond thrilled. I knew that Alissa and Tim were a beautiful couple, and that their venue was amazing, but what I came to find was just how wonderful these two are, inside and out! They have such kind and loving personalities. Their love for Christ and one another was prevalent throughout their wedding day. Their wedding was absolutely stunning and the two of them had a fantastic time with their family and friends. Im so glad to have been their wedding photographer. I love photographing weddings in San Diego and really enjoyed Brick, at Liberty Station for their wedding!

Brick Liberty Station Wedding

In 1915, Roosevelt was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He surveyed San Diego as a possible site for the next Naval Training Station. Construction began in 1921 and some of the first buildings included the barracks, the dispensary, a fire station and four schools.

In 1993, the U.S. Navy announced its intention to close Liberty Station. At that time, the NTC consisted of over three hundred buildings occupying almost 550 acres of land. In 1997 all active military use of the base ended, and the city of San Diego began using the old buildings of the base for businesses such as Brick.

brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1329 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1330 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1331 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1332 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1333 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1334 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1335 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1336 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1337 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1338 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1339 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1340 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1341 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1342 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1343 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1344 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1346 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1347 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1348 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1349 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1350 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1351 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1352 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1353 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1354 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1355 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1356 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1357 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1358 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1359 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1360 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1361 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1362 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1363 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1364 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1365 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1366 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1367 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1368 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1369 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1370 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1371 brick-liberty-station-wedding-photos-1372

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