Southern Utah Senior { Cristina }

By July 8, 2014 Senior

Over the years I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the Owens girls on several occasions. A couple years ago I did senior photos for Cristina’s Sister Cassidy. Before that their sisters wedding photos several years ago. It is always a treat photographing these beautiful girls. Cristina was so fun to work with and was so great in front of the camera. The family lives in Las Vegas but has family ties to Southern Utah. I loved shooting this rustic St George Senior session and finishing it up at the river. So much fun!!

rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6042 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6043 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6044
rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6046 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6047 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6048 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6049 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6050 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6051 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6052 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6053 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6054 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6055 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6056 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6057 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6058 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6059 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6060 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6061 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6062 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6063 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6064 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6065 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6066 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6067 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6068 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6069 rustic-st-george-senior-photos-6070


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Utah Desert Engagement {Oriana + Phillip}

By July 3, 2014 Engagement

Photographing the engagement session of these two was amazing. Southern Utah is a destination for so many wanting a taste of the awe inspiring south west. Oriana and Phillip made the trip down from Salt Lake City for their engagement photos in the beautiful red rocks of Southern Utah. Taking pictures in Snow Canyon State Park for their engagement session was such a blast. They are an adventurous couple and even brought their dog along for a few shots. I love the huge dream catcher that Oriana made by hand for the shoot. Despite a little wind it worked beautifully for the photos. Oriana and Phillip are a beautiful couple and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in Northern Utah later this year! utah-desert-engagement-photos-7061 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7062 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7063 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7064 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7065 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7066 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7067 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7068 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7069 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7070 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7071 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7072 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7073 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7074 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7075 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7076 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7077 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7078 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7079 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7080 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7081 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7082 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7083 utah-desert-engagement-photos-7084

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