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Fall Leaves in Southern Utah Engagement Teaser

By October 18, 2016 Engagement

Every year we get wonderful fall colors to photograph in Southern Utah. This year however might have been the best I have ever seen. Yesterday I had an amazing fall engagement session and was blown away by the color. Fall leaves in engagement photos are tricky. You have to hit it at just the right time, on just the right day, in just the right location to get them at their best. Zion National park is amazing for fall colors. Oranges, reds and yellow leaves turn the park to the most amazing shades of rainbow. I absolutely loved this fall engagement session and had to tease just a couple images before I do a blog post of the rest of this session. Now is the time for those fall engagement or wedding photos. If you haven’t already started thinking about the perfect fall location, jump on it before the magic is gone!  red-fall-leaves-engagement-photos-9949 red-fall-leaves-engagement-photos-9951

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Temple of Sinawava Zion Utah Wedding {Jen+Matt}

By October 15, 2016 Wedding

Zion Temple of Sinawava Wedding Teaser

Zion Wedding Photographer

At the end of the road in Zion and a short walk off the path will lead to The Temple of Sinawava. This gorgeous spot in Zion National Park is located prior to The Narrows. People come from all over the world to visit this majestic valley. Zion National Park has increasingly become a destination wedding location for couples from around the world. The Temple of Sinawava is one of the easiest spots to get to while being fully encapsulated in the towering sandstone cliffs by the Virgin River. Jen and Matt were married in Zion at the Temple of Sinawava. Guests take the tram to the last stop in the park. From there it was a short walk for her close family and friends to come and enjoy the union of this beautiful couple in the awe inspiring location. I love photographing weddings in Zion National Park, and I especially love the tranquility and overall wonder of The Temple of Sinawava for a wedding!

temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8733 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8734 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8735 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8736 east-zion-utah-wedding-8737 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8775 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8773 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8772 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8771 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8770 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8769 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8768 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8764 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8760 zion-utah-wedding-8759 zion-utah-wedding-8758 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8757 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8756 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8754 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8753 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8752 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8750 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8749 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8748 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8747 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8746 zion-utah-wedding-8745 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8743 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8742 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8739 temple-of-sinawava-zion-wedding-8738

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