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Red Rock Snow Canyon Engagement {Macy+Heath}

By July 26, 2016 Engagement

I love photographing couples in Southern Utah. Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park are two of the best spots for red rock sandstone in Southern Utah. I loved photographing Macy and Heath for their engagement session in Snow Canyon. I don’t know if there is anywhere else as beautiful in Southern Utah. The best part about Snow Canyon compared to Zion is a lack of clouds. Zion is an amazing place to be sure. I like to think of Snow Canyon as a mini Zion. Macy and heath are a beautiful couple inside and out. So fun to work with and to get to know!  zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7045 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7046 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7047 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7048 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7050 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7051 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7052 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7053 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7054 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7055 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7056 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7057 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7058 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7059 snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7060 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7061 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7062 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7063 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7064 zion-snow-canyon-pre-wedding-photos-7065

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Lowndes Grove Charleston Wedding {Nicole+Ben}

By July 20, 2016 Wedding

I don’t think its a secret that I absolutely love photographing weddings in Charleston South Carolina. I love the history and the palpable charm that is in the air. Nicole and Ben had their Southern wedding at Lowndes Grove Plantation. Nestled near the center of downtown Charleston, Lowndes Grove is an old world house trapped in time. The location of the grounds on the waters edge with its long dock is just so quintessential Charleston. The old manner house is a perfect representation of Southern charm. I had the awesome opportunity to work with A Charleston Bride for this wedding. They are one of the most talented group of ladies planning weddings in the Charleston area. They made absolutely every detail sing. From the perfectly decorated Ceremony site with beautifully decorated Huppah, to the reception area with hanging swings surrounding the dance floor. Every element of this wedding was perfectly designed and executed. This wedding was so perfect it was actually called the best wedding of South Carolina by The Knot! Each and every part of this day was perfection. Ben and his family were from the west coast around San Francisco. They made the trek out to be in Charleston where Nicole grew up. They met each other years earlier in Florida and from one adventure to the next have stayed by each others side. They are an amazing couple. So much fun and so very kind. I loved every moment with these two. I was really luck to have meat up with them both several months prior to photograph their engagement session in downtown Charleston. This is one of those weddings I wish I could photograph over and over again. Such a dream couple, location, and wedding! lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7257 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7262 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7264 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7266 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7267 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7268 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7269 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7270 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7271 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7274 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7276 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7278 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7279 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7280 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7282 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7284 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7285 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7287 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7292 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7294 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7296 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7298 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7299 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7300 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7302 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7303 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7305 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7309 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7310 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7313 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7315 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7317 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7318 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7320 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7323 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7324 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7325 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7327 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7330 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7331 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7332 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7334 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7336 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7337 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7339 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7340 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7341 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7344 lowndes-grove-wedding-photos-7345

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