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Entrada at Snow Canyon Wedding {Macy+Heath}

By August 17, 2016 Wedding

Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

St George Entrada Wedding

It was a dark and rainy day in Southern Utah for Macy and Heath’s wedding. That being said, it was also absolutely stunning! I had such a fantastic time photographing this beautiful wedding filled with unique personal details. Starting with Macy’s choice of camo wedding pumps, to the cake topper with the bride, the hunter, and of course her shotgun, each part of the wedding was unique. Heath is a hunter and it was awesome to see touches of his passion laced through the wedding details. There was rain during the ceremony, and of course during the rest of the day as well, but hey its good luck! I loved first meeting these two for their engagement session in Snow Canyon. They are a stunning couple and were so great to photograph and spend time with! They both had such a great attitude about the weather and ended up having a fabulous wedding day. Im so glad to have been their wedding photographer . entrada-wedding-photos-7066 entrada-wedding-photos-7067 entrada-wedding-photos-7068 entrada-wedding-photos-7070 entrada-wedding-photos-7071 entrada-wedding-photos-7074 entrada-wedding-photos-7075 entrada-wedding-photos-7076 entrada-wedding-photos-7077 entrada-wedding-photos-7080 entrada-wedding-photos-7081 entrada-wedding-photos-7082 entrada-wedding-photos-7083 entrada-wedding-photos-7084 entrada-wedding-photos-7086 entrada-wedding-photos-7087 entrada-wedding-photos-7088 entrada-wedding-photos-7089 entrada-wedding-photos-7090 entrada-wedding-photos-7091 entrada-wedding-photos-7092 entrada-wedding-photos-7093 entrada-wedding-photos-7094 entrada-wedding-photos-7096 entrada-wedding-photos-7098 entrada-wedding-photos-7099 entrada-wedding-photos-7102

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Palm Springs Colony 29 Wedding {Katie+Brian}

By July 30, 2016 Wedding

Katie and Brian had the most incredible and iconic Palm Springs wedding! Colony 29 Palm Springs is a one of a kind wedding venue!  Carved into the bottom of the hill are two separate wedding and reception venues totaling over 12,000 square feet. Katie and Brian’s wedding designed by Amorology was was the perfect fit for this amazing venue. I loved the retro styling and unique handmade elements. Colony 29 has been described by Palm Springs Life as the “Last Best Place in Palm Springs”. Imbibe in the tranquility of this beautifully restored historical architectural jewel and experience the meandering paths that feature thousands of botanical specimens that are in perfect balance with the historically iconic architecture. There were no shortage of amazing spots for photos of Katie and Brian at Colony 29. Katie Leclerc is the star of the hit show Switched at Birth. Many of her friends and family were in attendance, including all the cast. It was really fun getting to see the interaction between this fun group. I loved every minute of working with Katie and Brian. I meat up with them several months Prior at the LA Observatory for their engagement session. We had a blast! The wedding day was no different. So much fun, and just an all around awesome day!

palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7105 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7106 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7107 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-shoes palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7109 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-flower-girls palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7111 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7112 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7113 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7114 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7117 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7118 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-katie-leclerc palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7120 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7121 palm-springs-colony-29-katie-leclerc-wedding palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7123 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7125 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7126 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7127 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7128 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7129 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7130 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7131 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7132 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7133 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7134 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7135 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7137 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7138 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-dogs palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7140 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7141 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7142 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7143 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7144 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7145 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7146 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-katie-leclerc palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7149 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-katie-leclerc palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-popsiciles palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7152 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7153 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7154 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7155 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7156 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7157 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7158 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7159 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7161 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7163 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7164 palm-springs-colony-29-wedding-7165

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