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Toniquent Gardens Wedding {Ali+Cory}

By March 6, 2017 Wedding

St George Wedding Photographer

St George LDS Temple Wedding

The Toniquent Nature Center and Gardens are a wonderful venue for a wedding reception. There isn’t anything like a Toniquent Gardens wedding in St George. Ali and Cory were married at the St George LDS temple, and then had their reception at the Toniquent Gardens.

I love photographing temples at the LDS Temple in St George. The stunning architecture of the pioneer building is so iconic and unique. I had the best time with Ali, Cory and their families. It was such a treat getting to know this awesome couple over several months of doing photos with them.

I photographed their mountain engagement session in Pine Valley. This was an awesome session showcasing their great stile and beautiful pine trees. I later photographed their blustery bridal session at Snow Canyon in the white rock area. The wind blew like crazy that day, but it was still such a beautiful and fun session. Ali went with the windy day and laughed and had a great time. I was so looking forward to their wedding day at the St George temple and Toniquent Gardens.

Toniquent Gardens Wedding Reception

The trees and flowers of Toniquent Gardens provided for such a beautiful wedding reception area. Their setup done by family and friends was beautiful. I especially loved their bouquet by Bloomers. The Toniquent Gardens are stunning. I hope to have many future photography sessions with this amazing couple and their families! toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0990 best photographer, destination wedding photographer, gideon photo, gideon photography, lds bride,white rock bridal, ledges wedding, snow canyon overlook, Southern Utah Photographer, Southern Utah Wedding, st george photographer, st george temple, st george temple wedding, st george wedding photographer, snow canyon wedding, utah photographer, utah wedding photographer, wedding photographer, lds temple wedding, st george temple, bloomers toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0992 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0993 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0994 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0995 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0996 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0997 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0998 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-0999 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1000 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1001 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1002 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1003 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1004 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1006 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1007 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1008 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1009 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1010 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1011 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1012 toniquent-gardens-st-geroge-wedding-1013

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Cancun Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding {Clarianne+Brian}

By February 27, 2017 Wedding

Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding

Cancun Mexico Wedding Photographer

I love weddings in Cancun Mexico! The white sand beaches and azure blue waters of the Caribbean, the amazing food and people! This Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding was absolutely amazing!

When Clarianne and Brian first contacted me about photographing their wedding, they were planning on doing the wedding in St Lucia. Due to more difficult travel, they decided on the all inclusive  Finest Playa Mujeres in Cancun Mexico. Finest has to be one of my favorite venues for a wedding in Cancun! Playa Mujeres is a newer and very beautiful area just outside of Cancun.  The resort is the perfect backdrop for the wedding day. The wedding party guests came mostly from Canada. Most stayed for the week, taking advantage of Finest and all of the activities that are offered around Cancun.

The Wedding Day On The Beach

Clarianne and Brian were married barefoot on the beach! On the beach with the breeze coming off the ocean though, it was absolutely beautiful. After their ceremony we proceeded to photograph their families. This was such a fun group. From start to finish, guests were so relaxed and had an amazing time. I loved photographing Clarianne and Brian on the beach as the sun set.

These two are such a beautiful couple, but beyond that, they are so kind and thoughtful! They welcomed me when I arrived to Mexico for their wedding with a wonderful welcome bag full of sunscreen, bug spray, and all the other things one might need in Cancun. Photographing them around the grounds before they were welcomed into their reception at the grand palapa was amazing. The reception was absolutely jaw dropping. Archive Events did an amazing job with all of the set up! The evening with its delicious dinner and speeches was enjoyed by all.

I love capturing all of the emotions that come out during these intimate events. There were plenty of tears shed during the toasts. The dancing that ensued after was so much fun! This group loved to dance and they really kept the party going! It all started with Clarianne and Brian’s first dance with their guests holding sparklers around them. I loved the moment when Clarianne wiped the tears from Brian’s face during their first dance. Photographing weddings in Mexico is amazing. This wedding at Finest Playa Mujeres had to be one of my favorites to photograph!  cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3136 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3137 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3138 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3139 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3140 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3141 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3142 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3143 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3144 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3145 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3146 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3147 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3148 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3149 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3150 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3151 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3152 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3153 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3154 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3155 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3156 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3157 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3158 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3159 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3160 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3161 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3162 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3163 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3164 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3165 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3166 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3167 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3168 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3169 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3170 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3171 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3172 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3173 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3174 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3175 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3176 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3177 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3178 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3179 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3180 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3181 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3182 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3183 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3184 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3185 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3186 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3187 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3188 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3189 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3190 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3191 cancun-finest-playa-mujeres-wedding_3192

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