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Indian Sikh Utah Wedding Teaser

By September 10, 2016 Wedding

Utah Indian Sikh Wedding

Indian Wedding Photographer

I recently had the absolute pleasure to photograph a stunning Indian Wedding at the Grand America in Salt Lake City Utah. The Grand America is a stunning venue for any wedding, but was perfect for this amazing Indian wedding. I have photographed other Hindu weddings in the past, but this was the first Sikh Wedding I have had the pleasure to photograph. They are so different from one another. Both have the beautiful and vibrant prints and colors that Indian weddings are known for, but it was wonderful learning about this different culture within India. Im thrilled to share the rest of this amazing Indian wedding soon! I love to be the photographer of Indian Weddings in Utah and around the world. With such an amazing couple, this wedding is one of my favorites! sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9376 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9378 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9380 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9379 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9381 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9382 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9383 sikh-utah-indian-wedding-9384

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Temple Wedding Cedar City {Terra+Derek}

By September 6, 2016 Wedding

The Cedar City temple is going to be a beautiful spot for a wedding. At this point though its still not finished so as it has always been, couples from Cedar City come down to the St George temple to be married. Terra and Derek came down from Cedar City where they held their reception later in the day to be married in the St George temple. I first meat these two for their engagement session in Southern Utah. We photographed their bridals as well and had a wonderful time from start to finish working with these two and their wonderful families! I love photographing them around the temple grounds, and then later at their park reception in Cedar City. The reception was jam packed full of vintage elements. The doughnut truck with its fresh tasty treats was a fun element that kept the guest coming back for more! Im so thrilled for this awesome couple and look forward to working more with them as their little family grows in the future! cedar-city7228-wedding-photos- cedar-city7229-wedding-photos- cedar-city7230-wedding-photos- cedar-city7231-wedding-photos- cedar-city7232-wedding-photos- cedar-city7233-wedding-photos- cedar-city7234-wedding-photos- cedar-city7235-wedding-photos- cedar-city7236-wedding-photos- cedar-city7237-wedding-photos- cedar-city7239-wedding-photos- cedar-city7240-wedding-photos- cedar-city7241-wedding-photos- cedar-city7242-wedding-photos- cedar-city7243-wedding-photos- cedar-city7244-wedding-photos- cedar-city7245-wedding-photos- cedar-city7246-wedding-photos- cedar-city7247-wedding-photos- cedar-city7248-wedding-photos- cedar-city7249-wedding-photos- cedar-city7250-wedding-photos- cedar-city7251-wedding-photos- cedar-city7252-wedding-photos- cedar-city7253-wedding-photos- cedar-city7254-wedding-photos- cedar-city7255-wedding-photos-

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