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Provo Engagement in the Snow {Carol Ann+Austin}

By April 24, 2017 Engagement

Provo Wedding Photographer

Utah Valley Snow Engagement Photos

I travel very often to the Provo and Utah Valley area for wedding and engagement photos. I always enjoy photographing couples in Provo, especially in beautiful snowy weather like Carol Ann and Austin had. Provo Snow Engagement Photos are always a great time! The snow was falling, and because it was a cloudy day, it wasn’t as cold as it could have been.

I already blogged Carol Ann and Austin’s Payson Temple Wedding, and was so slammed that I forgot to blog their engagements and bridals. Im excited to be sharing them with everyone now. Their engagement photos in the snow were just so fun! It was chilly out to be sure, but the soft falling snow made for such beautiful and fun photos. I just love this couple! They are so kind and fun. They are two of the funniest people.

These two are a couple I hope to be friends with for many years to come. I look forward to seeing their family grow and progress. Im so excited for them and look forward to future sessions. Im so happy I was able to photograph their engagement photos in the snow in Provo! provo-snow-engagement-photos-1306 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1305 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1304 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1303 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1302 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1301 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1300 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1299 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1298 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1297 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1296 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1295 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1294 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1293 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1292 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1291 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1289 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1288 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1287 provo-snow-engagement-photos-1286


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Entrada at Snow Canyon Pre Wedding {Amanda+Mason}

By April 17, 2017 Bridal, Wedding

Southern Utah Wedding Photographer

Entrada Wedding

Entrada at Snow Canyon is one of the top wedding venues in St George. An Entrada Wedding is always a wonderful time! I absolutely love photographing weddings at Entrada. The Unique landscape with its fields of black lava, mixed with the green grass of the course and Red rock of Snow Canyon are breathtaking.

When Amanda and Mason mentioned wanting to do their pre wedding bridals at Entrada, I was thrilled. I love the dry and arid lava rock intermingled with the lush green of the golf course. With Snow Canyon as a backdrop, this variety of colors makes for stunning wedding photos. The lava fields of Southern Utah make for an amazing photographic backdrop. The deep dark colors mixed with the moss and green of the golf course, are fantastic for photos. This combo makes Entrada a unique location for a wedding or bridal session.

I photographed Amanda and Mason’s engagement photos in St George, and had a fantastic time with them. I was really looking forward to photographing their bridal photos. The weather cooperated and we had a beautiful afternoon for their bridal photos.

Amanda’s bouquet by Southern Blossoms Floral was so bright and beautiful! With amazing days like this and stunning backdrops you can’t go wrong. I love photographing weddings in Southern Utah. The amazing landscapes are unmatched for their beauty. I really enjoyed photographing this wonderful pre wedding photo session at Entrada! entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1268 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1269 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1270 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1271 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1272 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1273 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1275 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1276 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1277 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1278 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1279 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1280 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1281 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1282 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1283 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1284 entrada-st-george-wedding-photos-1285

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