Legare Waring House Wedding Teaser

By April 7, 2015 Wedding

I recently had the amazing opportunity to travel back to Charleston SC to photograph the wedding of the lovely Kaitlyen & Chris at The Legare Waring House. Last year flew out to Charleston to photograph their engagement session and instantly hit it off with this amazing couple. I was so looking forward to photographing their wedding, which ended up being AMAZING!! Working with some really talented wedding vendors made this event one to remember. Fabulous Fete did an awesome job with all of the decor and coordination. Ill list everyone else as well when I do a full post on this wedding. For now enjoy this wedding teaser. The wedding took place at the Legare Waring House in Charleston. So breathtaking, I just loved this wedding venue!  legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9093 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9094 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9095 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9096 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9097 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9098 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9100 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9101 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9102 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9135 legare-waring-house-wedding-charleston-9136

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Amazing Mossy Red Rock Pre Wedding {Lauren+Stephen}

By April 7, 2015 Bridal

I am lucky enough to photograph a lot of weddings and couples in and around St George and Southern Utah. One of my favorite spots that I am constantly drawn to is Snow Canyon. There is just something about the red sandstone cliffs and amazing contrast of colors with the green trees and grey desert sage that is amazing. I always try to photograph¬†something new and fresh or in a different way. Snow Canyon is the perfect place for photos. When Lauren and Stephen contacted me about doing their pre wedding bridal session in Southern Utah at Snow Canyon near where Stephen’s mother has a home I was so excited. They made the trip down from up north and we ended up with the perfect day. I loved Lauren’s simple bouquet of eucalyptus and other leaves along with her beautiful Free People Dress. Stephen’s blue suit with black solid tie was classic and finished off their look perfectly. Simple yet elegant. I should also mention Stephens hair, because really… its perfect! While climbing in the park on a different trip I came across the unique Moss covered red rock wall which we took advantage of for some of the photos. I love the contrast of green and red and the overall otherworldly feel it had. Im so excited for these two and am so glad I was able to photograph¬†this beautiful session with them!
moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0782 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0785 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0786 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0784 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0788 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0789 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0790 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0784 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0791 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0792 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0793 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0794 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0796 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0797 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0798 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0799 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0800 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0801 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0802 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0803 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0804 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0805 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0806 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0807 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0808 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0809 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0810 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0811 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0812 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0813 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0814 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0815 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0816 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0817 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0818 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0820 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0821 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0822 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0824 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0825 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0826 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0827 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0828 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0830 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0831 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0832 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0833 moss-redrock-desert-bridal-amazing-0834


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