High School Senior { Jordan }

By August 30, 2014 Senior

Photographing Seniors for their graduation is so fun. This time of their lives is such a milestone and I love to help them remember it in an artistic way that they and their families can enjoy for years to come. Jordan is a beautiful girl and was great to photograph. Her senior pictures are soft and beautiful which really went along with her personality. Senior Portraits are a session I always enjoy and look forward to. This session in Southern Utah was no exception.

dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6071 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6072 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6073 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6074 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6075 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6076 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6077 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6078 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6079 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6080 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6081 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6082 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6083 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6084 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6085 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6086 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6087 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6088 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6089 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6090 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6091 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6092 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6093 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6094 dixie-redhills-senior-pictures-6095


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Sand Hallow Beach Bridal { Kylee + Garrett }

By August 23, 2014 Bridal

Photographing Kylee and Garrett for this feature in Southern Utah Bride Magazine was such a blast. As always Forevermore Events did such an amazing job with the setup! Bloomers did fantastic floral and Cupcakes by Julie the beautiful cakes. The Painted Pony, one of my favorite restaurants in St George was kind enough to provide the beautiful food for the shoot. Kylee and Garrett were married soon after this shoot and I was so happy to shoot their wedding and their engagement photos and temple bridal photos as well. They are an incredible couple and are so amazing to work with! Growing up at the beach I really loved having this beach themed shoot in Southern Utah at Sand Hallow. What an amazing place, and just perfect for this inspiration shoot.  sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6186 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6210 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6209 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6208 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6207 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6206 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6205 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6204 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6203 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6202 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6201 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6200 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6199 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6198 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6197 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6196 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6195 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6194 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6193 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6192 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6191 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6190 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6189 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6188 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6187

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