Spring Red Rock Engagement {Adria + Suj}

By June 27, 2014 Engagement

From Washington DC to Southern Utah for their engagement session, Im so glad to be the wedding photographer for Adria and Suj. They are just so wonderful to work with. Photographing their engagement session in St George was fantastic. They are both professionals living in DC though Adria grew up in St George. Their wedding at Entrada later this year is going to be amazing. Suj is Indian and I’m so excited for all of the wonderful traditional dress and color that will be there. I loved photographing these two both in downtown Saint George and in the red rocks, fully capturing not only the obvious love these two have, but the wonderful scenery of Southern Utah red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8474 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8475 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8476 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8477 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8478 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8479 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8480 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8481 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8482 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8483 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8484 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8485 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8486 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8487 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8488 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8489 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8490 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8491 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8492 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8493 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8494 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8495 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8496 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8497 red-slot-canyon-engagement-photos-8498

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Caymus Napa Valley Wedding {Jen + Travis}

By June 20, 2014 Wedding

Is there anywhere more beautiful for a wedding then the breathtaking Napa Valley? Caymus Vineyards is one of the more beautiful vineyards in the area and is a perfect spot for a wedding. The wine country in California is known around the world for its amazing wines and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Although there are some funny laws in the area about having ceremonies at the vineyards, receptions seem to be just fine. Go figure. That worked just fine for Jen and Travis’ wedding ceremony which took place at the old Episcopal church in downtown Napa. The building was constructed during the depression and really wash amazing. I loved the soft natural light and beautiful colors inside the simple church. Jen and Travis had a beautiful Ceremony and bussed all of their guests to Caymus from there. Caymus is a family run affair, and really has the feel of a tuscan farm house in the rolling vineyards of italy. That being said Caymus is a serious operation. Jen and Travis had friends and family from all over join them for what was an amazing party and beautiful reception inside the warehouse area where the wine is stored in large barrels waiting to age. It made for the perfect wedding reception site. I loved being Jen and Travis’ Wedding Photographer from start to finish. We did their engagement photos in Carlsbad CA and I was really looking forward to their wedding ever since. caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7696 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7697 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7698 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7699 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7700 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7701 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7702 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7703 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7704 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7705 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7706 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7707 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7708 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7709 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7710 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7711 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7712 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7713 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7714 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7715 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7716 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7717 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7718 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7719 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7720 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7721 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7722 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7723 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7724 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7725 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7727 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7728 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7729 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7730 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7731 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7732 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7733 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7734 caymus-napa-wedding-photos-7735

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