Sand Hallow Beach Bridal { Kylee + Garrett }

By August 23, 2014 Bridal

Photographing Kylee and Garrett for this feature in Southern Utah Bride Magazine was such a blast. As always Forevermore Events did such an amazing job with the setup! Bloomers did fantastic floral and Cupcakes by Julie the beautiful cakes. The Painted Pony, one of my favorite restaurants in St George was kind enough to provide the beautiful food for the shoot. Kylee and Garrett were married soon after this shoot and I was so happy to shoot their wedding and their engagement photos and temple bridal photos as well. They are an incredible couple and are so amazing to work with! Growing up at the beach I really loved having this beach themed shoot in Southern Utah at Sand Hallow. What an amazing place, and just perfect for this inspiration shoot.  sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6186 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6210 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6209 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6208 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6207 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6206 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6205 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6204 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6203 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6202 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6201 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6200 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6199 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6198 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6197 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6196 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6195 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6194 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6193 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6192 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6191 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6190 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6189 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6188 sand-hallow-beach-bridal-6187

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St George Temple & The Ledges Wedding {Chelsea + Clint}

By August 16, 2014 Wedding

Chelsea and Clints friends and family came from all over the united states to be a part of their beautiful Southern Utah Wedding. Their day started with their ceiling ceremony at the St George Temple and finished for their reception at the beautiful Ledges Golf Club. The Temple in St George is the oldest still in use by the LDS Church and is such a beautiful building. I always love photographing weddings on its meticulous grounds. The Reception at The Ledges was a true party! The amazing decor by Middle Aisle brought the day together with all of the perfect touches. The wedding floral for the day by Bloomers was so gorgeous. Each center piece was different and had a touch of the couples New York ties to them. Chelsea and Clint live in New York and met there. Chelsea is an actress as are many of her friends at the wedding. It made for amazing photos having so many people in love with the camera. The cake was by Cakes by Amy while the smaller treats like the Cupcakes by Cupcakes by Julie and the cookies by The Sugar Cookie made for amazing treats .Alex Obering did a great job on the Graphic elements of the day. All of the guests were entertained not only by the photo booth by My Vintage Photo Booth, but by the phenomenal band The Mimi Knowles Band. This really was one of the best wedding bands I have ever seen and they really made the night one to remember. Forevermore Media captured the couple wedding day on video. I am so glad for the opportunity I had to work with this amazing couple and to share in their wedding day. Photographing their wedding was an amazing experience! st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7085 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7086 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7087 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7088 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7089 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7090 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7091 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7092 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7093 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7094 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7095 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7097 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7098 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7099 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7100 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7101 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7102 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7103 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7104 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7105 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7106 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7107 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7108 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7109 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7110 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7111 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7113 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7114 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7115 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7116 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7117 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7118 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7119 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7120 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7121 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7122 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7123 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7124 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7125 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7126 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7127 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7128 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7129 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7130 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7131 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7132 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-7133

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