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Boneville Salt Flats Pre Wedding {Taylour+Zachary}

By May 8, 2016 Bridal

The Boneville Salt Flats are best known for their perfectly flat stretches which are used for breaking land speed records with anything with wheels. The stark feel of white that goes on forever to the mountains in the background make for an absolutely unique and stunning environment. It was an absolutely beautiful backdrop for Taylour and Zachary’s bridal photo session. That being said it was also the windiest session I have ever shot in. The wind was a constant 40mph plus, making communicating and photographing a challenge… but an awesome one. Beyond the wind it was also freezing out. Taylour did such an amazing job toughing out the elements and keeping a great attitude. We ended up having a great time and getting some really spectacular photos to remember the day. Im looking forward to their wedding in Salt Lake City soon!  boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1862 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1864 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1865 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1867 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1868 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1869 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1870 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1871 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1872 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1873 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1874 boneville-salt-flats-wedding-1875 IMG_9355-2

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