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White Studio Family {Christensens}

By December 20, 2016 Family

There is a great new studio in St George for family photos, engagement, and bridal photos. Im pretty excited to have an indoor option for photos. When Megan and Blake decided they wanted their family photos at the White Space Studio in St George, I was pretty excited. The location was great with lots of natural light coming in through the large windows. Its not often that we have weather that warrants the need for a studio, but its pretty nice to have it as an option. I have been photographing the Christensen family ever since photographing their wedding in St George almost ten years ago. I recently had the opportunity to video the birth of their new Son. I really just love this family and really enjoy seeing them grow and progress!
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Park City White Barn Family Photos

By December 19, 2016 Family

Park City Family Photographer

White Barn Family Photos

Much like my own family this awesome family of six, has four boys! It was a great time hiking around with them doing their family photos. I really like the White Barn in Park City for photos! I have worked there a lot, and really enjoy the variety of locations and looks that I can achieve there. From the great architecture of the old barn, to the amazing trees, fields and of course mountain views. It is always a joy photographing families at the Mc Polin farm in Park City! park-city-family-photographer-0941 park-city-family-photographer-0942 park-city-family-photographer-0943 park-city-family-photographer-0944 park-city-family-photographer-0945 park-city-family-photographer-0946 park-city-family-photographer-0947 park-city-family-photographer-0949 park-city-family-photographer-0950 park-city-family-photographer-0951 park-city-family-photographer-0952 park-city-family-photographer-0953 park-city-family-photographer-0954 park-city-family-photographer-0956 park-city-family-photographer-0957 park-city-family-photographer-0958

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