Zion National Park Snow Engagement Teaser

By March 11, 2015 Engagement
wedding in zion national park

Its not often that the snow falls in Southern Utah but when it does it can make for some pretty spectacular photos. I love the look of the snow on the saturated sandstone cliffs. I was pretty excited to photograph the engagement recently of Sarah & Braden in Zion National Park. The snow was on the ground yet the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees outside. We took off on an engagement photo adventure and came up with some pretty awesome images to document the love that these two share. Keep posted for more photos from this beautiful couples engagement session in Zion National Park! wedding in zion national park wedding in zion national park wedding in zion national park wedding in zion national park

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Carlsbad Beach & Lagoon Engagement {Melanie + Mark}

By March 10, 2015 Engagement

Engagement photos at Carlsbad State Beach and Lagoon

I had a wonderful time photographing Melanie & Mark in Carlsbad for Engagements. Melanie wrote a little about the session as well as her and Marks story! “I had high standards when booking my wedding photographer, as photos are the most important for me when it comes to elements for my wedding day. I wanted someone with a unique style and when I came across Jimmy’s work, I knew immediately that I had to book him for our wedding. Mark was a bit hesitant to do an engagement session, but I was insistent upon using it as an opportunity to get to know Jimmy in advance of our Big Day. We decided on a date in beautiful Carlsbad, California and Mark and I made a weekend getaway of it.

carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4208 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4209 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4210 From the moment we met, I knew our session with Jimmy would be a breeze. His talent to capture the scenery and subjects in an image is incredible and his friendly and fun personality put Mark at ease immediately. Jimmy does not hesitate to do what it takes to get the shot he wants, including hunkering down in the ocean, camera in hand, as the waves crash in on the shore. By the end of our session, we were soaked with both salt water and sand! carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4211 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4212 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4213 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4214 Jimmy truly immerses himself in his work and his talent is apparent. We had a great afternoon talking, laughing and even exchanging entrepreneurial ideas. The weather was perfect, the shoot locations were perfect and our photos turned out better than I could have imagined. I truly can’t wait for our next session with Jimmy – this time, as husband and wife.  carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4216 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4217 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4218

Mark and Melanie: Story


Mark and I met on the evening of January 1, 2009, New Year’s, just after the clock struck midnight (12:37 a.m. to be exact). I had gone to Red Rock earlier in the evening to meet a few friends who were in town celebrating there. Deciding I was tired and ready to call it a night, I headed out of the casino and started the route to the parking lot. Along the way, I ran into Mark who stopped me and said “Hey I know you!” I replied, “Hey, I know you too!” We both attended high school together and knew of each other, but had never officially met. 

carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4219 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4220 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4221 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4222 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4223 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4224 Deciding I wasn’t that tired all of a sudden, I accepted Mark’s offer for a drink and we talked on the casino floor for another three hours. In conversations, we learned that we had both gone to the same four places that day, before finally running into each other at Red Rock on that New Year’s Day. We said our goodnights and three days later, went on our first date. The rest, is history.  carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4225 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4226 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4227 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4228 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4229 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4230 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4231 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4232 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4233 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4234 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4235 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4236 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4237 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4238 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4239 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4241 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4242 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4243 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4244 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4245 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4247 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4248 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4249 carlsbad-beach-engagement-photos-4250

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