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Salt Lake LDS Temple Wedding {Tisha+Tyler}

By February 6, 2017 Wedding

Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

SLC Temple Wedding

Getting to know Tisha and Tyler has been an absolute joy! I loved photographing their wedding in Salt Lake City. They were married at the SLC LDS Temple, and had their backyard reception later that day. They had many traditional Mexican elements. Needless to say that means it was a great party! Lots of dancing and mariachi music. It was so fun with miniature golf, and delicious treats. I photographed Tisha and Tyler’s engagement session in Southern Utah, and had the best time with the two of them. I was so thrilled for their wedding day after photographing their bridal session at the SLC Temple. They looked absolutely stunning, and so classy in their amazing wedding attire. The wedding day didn’t disappoint! They had a beautiful wedding day and I am so glad I was there to capture it! slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9591 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9592 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9593 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9595 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9596 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9597 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9598 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9599 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9600 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9601 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9602 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9603 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9604 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9605 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9609 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9610 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9611 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9612 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9613 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9614 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9615 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9616 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9617 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9618 slc-temple-mexican-wedding-9619

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Wedding at the Utah State Capital

By February 2, 2017 Wedding

Utah State Capital Wedding

Salt Lake Capital Building Wedding

I loved photographing this wedding at the Utah State Capital Building. I can’t wait to share more from this stunning wedding day! The ceremony was at the SLC Temple and the reception took place at the awe inspiring Utah State Capital Building. The architecture and feel of the Utah Capital is absolutely awe inspiring and is the perfect location for a regal and elegant wedding such as this!  wedding-at-utah-capital_3251 wedding-at-utah-capital_3252 wedding-at-utah-capital_3254 wedding-at-utah-capital_3255 wedding-at-utah-capital_3257 wedding-at-utah-capital_3259 wedding-at-utah-capital_3261 wedding-at-utah-capital_3262

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