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Carlsbad Beach Engagement {Kelly+Billy}

By April 10, 2017 Engagement

Carlsbad Wedding Photographer

Carlsbad Beach Engagement Photos

Being a destination wedding photographer and traveling to amazing and beautiful places to photograph weddings and engagements is the best! I was so thrilled when Kelly & Billy asked me to photograph their wedding in San Diego. I love doing Carlsbad Beach Engagement Photos!

Very often when I’m photographing destination weddings, I don’t have the opportunity to first do an engagement session with the couple. Honestly an engagement session is so fun! Not only is it a great time though, but a great chance for me to get to know the couple before the wedding day. I can’t say enough how much I loved working with these two on their engagement session!

Carlsbad Lagoon Engagement Photos

Kelly wanted to get some of the beach vibe since her wedding was going to be on the beach in San Diego. Im so glad she did as we totally scored with some amazing clouds and light at the beach in Carlsbad. Carlsbad State Beach is known for its camping and surfing. People come from all over to visit this area. Little known though are the stunning cliffs of North County San Diego, and the Carlsbad lagoon. I love the Carlsbad Lagoon with all of its amazing trees and field views. We had an awesome time adventuring around both. Kelly and Billy are beyond sweet, and have such amazing chemistry with one another. It was an absolute blast hanging out and photographing this stunning couple in Carlsbad at the beach and lagoon! carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1236 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1235 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1234 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1233 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1232 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1231 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1230 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1229 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1228 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1227 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1226 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1225 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1224 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1223 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1222 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1221 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1220 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1219 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1218 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1217 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1216 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1215 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1213 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1212 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1211 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1210 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1209 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1208 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1206 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1205 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1204 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1203 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1202 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1201 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1200 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1199 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1198 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1197 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1196 carlsbad-state-beach-engagement-photos-1195

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Balboa Park Engagement {Sara+Will}

By April 3, 2017 Engagement

San Diego Wedding Photographer

Balboa Park Engagement Photos

San Diego is such an amazing city for engagement or wedding photos. I especially love doing Balboa Park Engagement photos. As a destination wedding photographer I photograph a lot of couples all around the world. I always love working in my home town of San Diego! Sara contacted me about photographing her wedding in Mexico, and I was so thrilled to be able to photograph her engagement session with Will in San Diego at Balboa Park. Balboa Park is one of the most inspiring and beautiful locations anywhere. It has a ton of history and the architecture with all of its Spanish influence is just to die for!

Sara and Will were an absolutely dream couple. They have great style and amazing chemistry. I also love seeing the deep respect they have for one another. I really had the best time with Sara and Will. They are two of the kindest, and funniest people I know. I love photographing couples and weddings in San Diego and was so happy to photograph this awesome engagement session at Balboa Park!

Mexico is an amazing place for a wedding. I can’t wait to travel down to Cabo to photograph their wedding. I know it will be a beautiful day full of love and laughter. Not to mention such a beautiful location for a wedding!
balboa-park-engagement-photos-9771 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9772 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9773 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9774 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9775 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9777 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9778 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9779 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9780 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9781 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9782 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9783 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9784 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9785 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9786 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9787 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9790 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9791 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9792 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9793 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9795 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9796 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9797 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9798 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9799 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9800 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9801 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9802 balboa-park-engagement-photos-9804

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