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St George Temple Pre Wedding {Brittney+Tyler}

By October 5, 2016 Bridal

St George LDS Temple Wedding Photos

LDS Temple Wedding Photographer

St George has become a destination for couples from around the world for weddings. The historic LDS temple in St George is a big part of the draw. The St George temple has been in use since 1877. Since that time couples and families have traveled from all over to be married and sealed in the beautiful temple. The St George temple is the oldest operating LDS temple. Brittney and Tyler chose the St George temple for their wedding and its no wonder why. The building and its surrounding grounds are absolute stunning. I love the immaculate landscaping and flawless architecture. I have had the opportunity to photograph countless weddings at the St George temple, and I am always in awe and so excited overtime I am back on its grounds. I had an awesome time walking the temple grounds photographing Brittney and Tyler. We also made a trip to Snow Canyon for pre wedding photos. It was a beautiful day and I loved working with this wonderful couple.  st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8776 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8803 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8802 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8801 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8800 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8799 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8798 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8797 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8796 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8795 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8794 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8792 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8791 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8790 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8789 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8788 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8787 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8786 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8785 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8784 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8783 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8782 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8781 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8780 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8779 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8778 st-george-temple-wedding-photos-8777

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Zion Switchback Wedding {Dana+Brian}

By September 28, 2016 Wedding

Zion National Park has become a popular spot for a destination wedding and for good reason! Travelers come from all around the world to experience the sandstone cliffs and towering mesas of Zion National Park. I love photographing weddings in Zion and Springdale. Dana and Brian had their wedding ceremony and reception at The Switchback Bar and Grill. Its a wonderful spot for a wedding! It has the towering cliffs of the watchman near by and an amazing grove of cottonwood trees that are perfect for a wedding ceremony. Dana and Brian ended up renting out the restaurant, which is such an awesome idea, as the space is absolutely stunning. Before the ceremony began we started with getting ready photos and then a quick first look. From there we made the trek into the park where we spent time just the three of us getting amazing photos. I love to be able to do the couples photos before the ceremony when we don’t have time constraints. Especially in Zion where it can take a lot of time to get through the park. The ceremony was beautiful, with their closest friends and family in attendance. From then on it was a party, and a great one at that. Awesome food and dancing and a marshmallow bar for cooking smores on the camp fire at the reception. This Zion wedding was so beautiful and fun. Im so glad to have been there to photograph this fantastic bride and groom and their beautiful wedding day! zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9646 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9724 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9721 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9719 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9718 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9717 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9715 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9712 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9710 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9709 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9707 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9706 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9704 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9703 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9700 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9699 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9696 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9695 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9694 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9693 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9691 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9688 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9686 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9685 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9684 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9681 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9679 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9678 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9677 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9676 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9674 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9672 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9670 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9669 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9668 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9666 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9665 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9664 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9663 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9661 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9660 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9659 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9658 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9656 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9654 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9653 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9652 zion-switchback-wedding-utah-9651

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